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Elsie and Brenton

A gorgeous little home in the heart of the Hunter Valley

Elsie and Brenton Image
A most gorgeous little home in the Hunter Valley that's styled to perfection
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house_perv_elsieToday on House Perv we introduce you to the teeny tiny but very gorgeous North Rothbury home of Elsie and Brenton Porter. 

You might recognise Elsie and Brenton from their Islington treasure trove Stuart and Porter where the couple have been helping locals fill their homes with beautiful eclectic old wares, industrial paraphernalia, salvaged furniture, vintage curiosities and much, much, more for years. This style of antiques, salvage and upcycling is a theme that flows effortlessly from their shop and into their own beautiful Hunter Valley home.
Driving into the North Rothbury property Elsie’s family home is where our eyes are drawn initially before being enthusiastically greeted by Odette, Rusty, Maggie and the apple of Elsie's eye, Cakey. Named so because Elsie thought for many years that her middle name was Cakey only to discover when applying for her licence that it was in fact Katy, she was devasted to say the least.

Instead of heading indoors, as we expected, Elsie and Brenton lead us to the back of the property to the tiny little cubby house like structure that we discover is now the couple’s gorgeous home.

Before we take a peek Elsie affectionately recalls how her Dad, who has since passed away, wasn’t quite a professional builder, so he basically used whatever he could get his hands on to build the little cubby house some 15 years ago. Brenton adds with a laugh,
“When we went through the renovation process and the linings were taken off ... the building was fully exposed and you could see where he had started to have a couple of beers and kind of got a bit lazy in places.”

Originally built for Elsie’s younger sister Courtney, when it was decided a little abode was needed to help her get through those HSC years. When Courtney moved out, the cubby turned into a storage space before Elsie and Brenton decided to renovate it in time for their wedding day, which they held on the family property.
Just a little help was needed to fix things up and create a most perfect little space that has everything that the couple has ever needed, including a love heart cut out made by Elsie’s mum, complete with chalk inscription, which sits firmly on the side wall as a permanent reminder of Elsie and Brenton’s wedding day.

The interior is quintessentially Elsie, and we expected nothing less with the perfect balance of hand selected pieces filling each corner of the home. From the mandatory pair of R.M. Williams below the cushioned covered bench seat, to the basket of perfectly split firewood and quirky ornaments that would just look whacky and out of place anywhere else.

house_perv_elsieThe downstairs room is for relaxing and conversation (with no TV to be seen), it's a peaceful space where you can relax and soak up the natural sights and sounds that drift constantly by the front door. Whilst all cooking takes place in the main house Brenton said they just love the simplicity of the life in their cottage, even the outhouse, nice word for toilet, is kind of ok when the need calls.  

In the back corner of the room stands a rather steady looking wooden ladder that leads you up to the mezzanine level and into the couple’s bedroom. The small but light filled room is crisp white and perfectly filled with just the right number of furnishings and stunning white linen bedspread.
house_perv_elsieWe can’t help but comment on Elsie’s ability to know when enough is enough, when it comes to creating a beautiful room and how easily she could go overboard, Elsie responds to this with,

“I very often go overboard, and then have to scale back.

"It’s never the same as it is now, three weeks ago it was different, I get something in the shop and love it and have to bring home. But it’s always changing, except upstairs it always stays the same, mainly cause there’s not a lot of space to play with.

“There are some pieces I hang onto, my Grandfather was an antique dealer in Tasmania so we’ve held onto quite a few of his pieces particularly in Mum’s house.”
house_perv_elsieWhilst continuing to admire this gorgeous little home Elsie invites us to take a very quick peek inside the family home and instantly it all makes sense. We can easily see where Elsie’s love for all things antique, weird and wonderful comes from with each and every room filled from floor-to-ceiling with much-loved pieces from yesteryear. But we’ll leave that House Perv for another day.house_perv_elsie
As we wrap up the shoot and say goodbye to the pups we’re introduced to the final family member, that being Gina Rinehart, aka the big old Mercedes beast, that Elsie said she spent years searching for. We’ll let you work out where the name came from but it’s fair to say there will be no messy breaks up in this family. 
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