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Peek inside from Ange from Too Cool For School's home in Merewether

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A home full of character and stories in every corner
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House PervThis week we take you inside the home of Angela Phillips, owner of kids boutique, Too Cool For School.
House PervIf you've ever visited her Darby Street boutique you will have more than likely met Angela and pretty quickly got the impression that she's not one to follow trends or jump on the latest fashion bandwagon. Instead, Ange is prepared to go to the ends of the earth to find something quirky and cool for all the little people in your life. Whether it be fashion, accessories, homewares or toys Ange is a little anti the blues for boys and pinks for girls, and is more into finding that piece that best fits the personality of your little one.

House Perv
Living in the seaside suburb of Merewether, Ange, her partner Dave, and their two gorgeous children Ava and Ryder, fill this home along with the very spirited Spiderman, one of the family's pet cats. Away from her shop Ange continues to stay away from the trends and follows her heart when it comes to furnishings and interior selections, in the process she has created a fascinating almost art gallery like inspired space. When asked to describe her style Ange says,
House Perv
“I collect all the things I love and my home is a collection of all those things”.

On arrival we check out the colourful kids’ rooms, which are both are full of character and personality. Filled with pieces and memories collected from family holidays or handmade items. The duo have crafty talents with Ava already driving her sewing machine like a pro, and Ryder's awesome talent for drawing and painting are seen all over his bedroom walls, mixing in beautifully with the James Jean and Ningaloo the Whale Shark. There are also those keepsakes and special pieces like the picture that Ange bought for Ava when she was born from the Sydney and Melbourne based Outré Gallery, one of Ange’s favorites.
Moving into the living area our eyes are very quickly drawn to the fifty shades of blue glass, or nearly fifty anyway, with Ange confessing,

“I have a thing about blue glass, I just love blue glass everything, I’ve collected it all my life, I am just obsessed with it".
House Perv
Dozens of different shapes and shades of blue vases frame the kitchen and dining room areas providing an ocean of colour. Careful not to go blue glass crazy there’s not too many but just enough to fill the space. Although Ange does joke that if we were to come back in five years’ time the scene maybe a little different.

House PervAmongst the blue glass there’s a stack of beautiful blue Dinosaur Designs bangles, with Ange saying she receives a piece each year for her birthday from her best friend. The living room is no different with all four walls filled with art and some of Ang’s favourites including artist Jamie Hewlett, who is the co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz. Together with a collection of dragons, which Ange and the kids have a thing for, there’s small trinkets and items collected over time along with stunning artworks by Ange’s mum.
House PervOn the second level is where Ange and Dave get to chill out. As we’ve come to expect there is more stunning artwork is on display. This time Ang’s favourite piece. Orian, by Audrey Kawasaki, sits bedside and of course she is blue. The artwork is of a beautiful blue Japanese girl. 

House Perv
With so many stories and pieces we’ve barely touched the surface in this home, we also get the feeling that this is a work in progress with many more stories to come.

House Perv is a collaboration with Louise Hatcher and HUNTERhunter.
Louise Hatcher
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