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Honest Paper

A specialty stationery shop, dedicated to the joy of giving

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Newcastle’s very first specialty stationery shop dedicated to the joy of giving.
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Owners Gabi and Bella explain, "for me (Gabi) it’s the love of stationery, and for me (Bella) it’s all about the gift wrapping"

“this whole thing, dream, vision, business, comes out of the pure love of gift wrapping. I just love paper, even as a kid I collected sheets of paper”.

Honest Paper
“I used to say, imagine if you could get paid to gift wrap, that would be the best job ever! I just love the creativity behind it and love the look on someones face when you give them a gift that’s been really well wrapped.
Honest Paper
Honest Paper
“and it really is just the simplest thing, just tieing a really sweet paper with a nice ribbon and throwing a bit of greenery with it, it’s so so easy.” 
Honest Paper
Honest Paper
Taking a browse around Honest Paper is one of those truly beautiful shopping experiences, one that online just can’t compete with. The store is filled with a collection of hand-picked Australian gifts and speciality goods that are designed by predominantly local and Australian artists, and of course Bella and Gabi themselves.

The ladies said that they love supporting upcoming artists, designers and creatives, preferring to individually seek them out. Each piece is chosen purposefully by Bella and Gabi, and is best described as a curation of beautiful and useful items.
Honest Paper
The concept of the store is to remind people that gifting should be an honest act, it should be real. Cards should be written in, words should mean something and that it’s always more wonderful to give rather than receive. Summed up beautifully by a poem written by Gabi.

A place created by kindred hearts, 
A day dream come alive
Inspired by life - words simple and pure
the honest art of giving lives here.

Honest Paper

Honest Paper, Junction Fair Shopping Centre
The Junction 2291
(02) 4048 4000
Honest Paper
Mon 9am-5.30pm
Tue 9am-5.30pm
Wed 9am-5.30pm
Thu 9am-5.30pm
Fri 9am-5.30pm
Sat 9am-4pm
Sun 9am-4pm
1: -32.937535
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