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The Showpony Weft Has Arrived

Cause who doesn't want a full head of luscious locks

The Showpony Weft Has Arrived Image
Hair Extensions. Are you a hells yeah, argh no thanks... or a bit undecided?
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Whichever you are you can’t deny that you haven't felt a little bit envious when a full head of luscious locks bounce on past you. Even as girls, we've all double looked another girl that has a bangin' set of locks. 

Well, PONY Hair Studio at The Junction has just let a big secret slip…… 

Newcastle’s first Blow Bar has just introduced the Showpony Weft hair extensions to the Pony Bar!

All the girls have been raving about them, so we have sussed out what all the fuss is about! And if you’re sitting on the fence then here’s something for you to consider...

To make maintaining hair extensions ten times easier, the weft extensions give you length and fullness with just one clip-in strip! Gone are the days of trying to hide endless amounts of clips, tape and glue ... the Showpony Weft extensions are all neatly hidden and blend naturally with your own locks!

Showpony Weft extensions don’t just disguise into your natural hair easily, they stay in mint condition too! Made from the finest quality, human Remy A + hair, the new extensions on the block will make you question why you never gave extensions a shot before.

We all know that hair extensions are hard work. But the girls at PONY can make your life a lot easier! The new Showpony Weft extensions are sold in a 12-month set- one for each month of the year!

“Because you deserve it—Queen.”



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