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Sustainable homewares & fashion in Islington

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It’s a little bit on the eclectic side, but it’s very earthy and tribal…we try to find things that are one-off pieces, that are just a little bit different, one-of-a-kind type of pieces
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The fashion and homewares store that sits in the middle of Islington has been bringing their earthy and tribal vibe into Novocastrian homes for the past two years. We caught up with Shelley to learn about how edde came to life, the edde signature style, where they source their products and most importantly, how you actually pronounce edde.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first; edde. Pronounced, like the name, Eddie. Which was, in fact, the catalyst for the store's name;

“Well, it’s my son’s name! It was our daughter’s idea to actually name the store edde”

Originally from Perth, Shelley met her husband in Sydney in the 80’s and has been living on this side of Australia ever since. Currently residing on the Central Coast, Shelley travels to their Islington store 7 days a week to ensure customers never miss out on their edde fix. 

A short stint in Bali was what made the pair decide to open up a homewares store; after collecting treasures across Bali, Shelley couldn’t bear to leave them behind and brought them back with an intention to sell.

But why choose Islington?

“Islington is really coming to life. There’s a beautiful array of stores and shopkeepers and everybody is solo operators and families”


From the moment you enter the space, you’re immediately overcome with the relaxing nature and ambiance.

“Part of the vibe here is that it use to be a yoga studio, and they put the carpet in for the yoga studio. She was a beautiful woman that owned the yoga studio, and I feel as though her energy has really contributed to our space”

Entirely involved in providing sustainable products to their customers; all of the products in the store are original one-off pieces or come from a line of sustainability practices. Partnering with local, Australian and International based companies, sustainability remains at the core of their work.



“We’ve also done another little initiative, with these guys, boomerang, which is a Newcastle community-based group. They’re trying to tackle the plastic problem…they’ve made these divine little cutlery packs for your handbags. It’s all recycled fabric and recycled knives and forks, and there’s a serviette in there. They just put the money into gathering fabrics”

What Shelley loves most though, is researching & hunting for treasures;

“I love hunting for treasure, and there are some fabulous people that import into Australia from India, Morocco, Africa and Turkey, so we’ve got stuff from all over the place. We’ve also tried to incorporate as much Australian and local [products]”

Some of their most loved pieces are the stunning wall art you'll see hanging around the shop.


“All of our wall art, is made by a beautiful Newcastle lady called Belinda Lyddiard; Evolution Trading is her business name. She forages, and dries out agave leaves…we often do special orders for people”

If you’re doing a reno blitz or just after a new piece to lift some new life into your home, edde should be your new homewares go-to.

“I hope that people will give us a look, not only for our attitude to sustainability but just our creativity”

1/104 Maitland Road
Islington 2296
0400 099 010
Mon 10am - 4pm
Tue 10am - 4pm
Wed 10am - 4pm
Thu 10am - 4pm
Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 5pm
Sun 10am - 5pm
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