Eat & Drink

Like ice cream for breakfast, only healthy

Pronounced Ah-sigh-ee.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you won't have missed the trend that keeps on trending; Açai Bowls. The super-food berry from the Amazon whose name is confusing for first timers, has become the perfect snack to keep you satisfied. The feel good smoothie bowl is high in nutritional value, packed with antioxidants and so Insta worthy. 

Perfecting the bowl can come with its challenges, from choosing the tastiest of muesli, to getting the texture just right and making sure that fruit is sliced with precision. So, we've done the rounds and come up with this list of Newcastle cafes that have mastered the legendary Açai bowl. 

Groundfloor Cafe
Purveyors of a damn-good Açai bowl, Groundfloor Cafe was one of the first cafes to bring Açai to Newcastle. Their O'G classic bowl is topped with Sonoma Honey Spice or Spelt muesli, fresh fruit and even a sneaky drizzle of Nutella or crunchy organic peanut butter.

W. I. A Store
A candy shop for smoothie bowl lovers. With a long list of Açai bowls to choose from selecting one will be tricky. Our tip is the Dixon, an Açai blend topped with granola, cocoa nibs, almonds and fruit.

Buzz Junction
Made to perfection every time and super convenient, grab your Açai on the run before you head into to do the groceries or after your workout at the gym.

Akuna Cafe
This hidden little gem in Merewether fulfils all your Açai bowl needs. With three different flavours to choose from, you're spoilt for choice. Our fav is the Ocean bowl.

Merewether Surf House
Complete your health kick with an Açai bowl from Merewether Surfhouse before you head to the baths or the beach for a swim. 

Perry The Feeder
Known for their out-of-this-world toasties but little did you know Perry The Feeder truck also makes a pretty mean Açai bowl too!

The Barn
Well constructed, good looking, loaded with delicious fruity flavours and conveniently located in Adamstown, The Barn has become one of our Açai go-to's.

Sanbah Grindhouse
An Açai bowl and a skate park, that sounds like the perfect combination for fun.

Corner House
The team at Corner House have without doubt perfected the art of Açai bowl. Complete with the perfect portion of seasonal fruit, homemade granola, coconut, chia seeds and finished with a sprig of mint on top. It's the extra effort that keeps us coming back!

The Açai bowls from Mama-P are almost too pretty to eat. Topped with loads of fruit, you will easily keep your doctor happy with five servings of fruit ticked off in one meal. 

Lulus Cafe
Poke isn't the only thing on Lulu's menu that looks too good to be true. Lulu serves up tasty Açai bowls daily.

Blue Door Kiosk
What better location is there than  Merewether Beach to nibble on your Açai bowl. Blue Door changes things up a little and tops their bowls with CocoWhip.

Lynches Hub
The harbourside hub is the perfect place to stop in for a refuel before you keep riding.

Raw Energy Cafe
Pop in and get yourself one of Raw Energy Cafes Açai bowls, topped with all the goods, it will be hard to say no.