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Newcastle's Best Filter Coffee cafes are all here...

If you’re the adventurous or spontaneous type and keen to give something new a go, check out the below and order yourself a filter coffee!


Maybe you love filter coffee, maybe you have no idea what it is; either way, this article will either set you on the direction to the best filter coffee in Newcastle or have you at least wanting to give it a go.

So, what is filter coffee, or pourover as it is also known? First we should look at what espresso is and essentially they're the same thing, the big difference being that one is fast, and the other is slower. Coffee brewed in the filter method is done so over a longer period of time, 2-3 mins for a 250ml cup as opposed to 30 seconds for Espresso. In a rush? Espresso it is. Got time to chill? Let's try that filter option.

There's also the pressure. Coffee brewed using the filter method is brewed under gravity. One atmosphere of pressure for the water to fall through the ground coffee and brew whereas espresso typically uses 9 atmospheres.

That’s a lot of pressure!!

It's also been explained that the flavours between the two vary considerably and I was curious to know why, so I went to some of Newcastle's coffee experts to find out more.

Darks Coffee Roasters | New Lambton
Recently awarded Best Filter Coffee in Australia Adam and Trent know all about filter so I hit them with the big question. Why would someone swap a quick coffee fix for the long slow pour of filter?

'Subjectively, the flavours we get from brewing using the filter method are less concentrated and more subtle and delicate when compared to Espresso. The delicate complexity of a filter coffee is such a rewarding experience and is poles apart from the espresso experience.'

'The raw coffees we choose for our filter roasts are often farmed and processed in such small quantities and to the highest levels of control and care. For example our Trophy winning Sumatran Bandar Jaya is one such coffee but we’re increasingly accessing coffees processed in ways more often seen in winemaking.'

'Anaerobic fermentation is a carbon rich, oxygen free environment which allows the coffee to ferment in unique ways and when roasted and brewed offers up tastes like no other method. Coffees like these are filter specialities and definitely worth a try.'

Frothers Espresso | Merewether
Nathaniel loves coffee and is super passionate about bringing all kinds of new and quirky flavours to the people of Newcastle. So if you’re feeling extra adventurous go and give Frothers Espresso a visit.

“The thing I like most about filter coffee as a brew method is it highlights the dedicated work of the farmer and the team of people that helped sort it and process it, also by extension the people who roasted it. By the time it gets to me I just add hot water.... ok it's a tiny bit more complex than that, but all the hard work has been done for us. It's almost paradoxical in that it's so raw as a product but so delicate and refined.” - Nathaniel | Frothers Espresso

The Autumn Rooms | Cooks Hill
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, these guys are self-confessed coffee nerds, and the world of filter coffee is no different. Lovingly prepared via V60 by their baristas, these guys serve with pride!

New Slang Coffee Brewers | Newcastle City

The newbies on the Newcastle cafe scene have been roasting coffee at Unison Coffee Roasters for a while now, so you know you’re guaranteed a good cup of joe.

“Filter is a great way to actually taste the complexities of individual coffees without milk imparting flavour and dulling others. Generally speaking only high grade coffee is reserved for filter roast.

“At New Slang we serve filter coffee 2 ways, pour over and batch brew. Batch brew is best for people on the go whilst pour over is more of an experience, often using very expensive and interesting coffee.” - Alaric | New Slang Coffee Brewers. 

Chiefly East | Newcastle City
Wanting to serve up that typical American style filter style coffee. Getting to the bottom of your cup? Ali will come around and top you up – talk about service!

“My love of the filter comes from the purity and simplicity of the serve. Personally it takes me back to my first job as a 15 year old I worked as a cheesemaker assistant for the Northumberland cheese co. In the afternoon after turning the cheeses packing the curds and cleaning the dairy I would head up the stairs to the cafe and serve cheese toasties and filter coffee. It has definitely influenced me.

“I loved the smell , the process of grinding the beans and watching the drip of fresh coffee coming through.” - Al | Chiefly East.

One Penny Black | Newcastle City
Serving filter with the V60, it’s the best way to enjoy all of the delicate and delicious flavours of coffee.

“We serve single origin filter coffee in many different techniques. The classic and most popular, Batch Brew with the MoccaMaster; a mechanical pour-over resulting in a hot cup of subtle, yet flavourful brew. A V60 pour-over; similar to the Batch Brew but manual pouring. Also cold brew & cold drip for the hotter months.” - Jess | One Penny Black.

Portafilter | Mayfield
The name says it all really. Sitting quietly on the corner of Hanbury St, Portafilter is known for one thing; coffee! There's one epic size menu dedicated to it, that of course includes the filter option. They also have a delicious menu, the perfect excuse to chill out for a little longer. 

Mr Sister Coffee | Kotara
Head in to try their batch brew coffee made in the Chemex or Aeropress. Did you know that the guys from Friends often had a Chemex in their apartment? Have your own Friends moment for life and pick up your own Chemex from Mr. Sister.

Core Espresso | Cooks Hill
The Darby St favourite serves up the best early morning batch brew with the Moccamaster. 

Besties | Newcastle City
The newly opened cafe on King St run by the guys behind Floozy Coffee Roasters. If you know anything about Floozy you'll know this place is going to serve up mean filter coffee!

Know of somewhere that serves up a mean filter coffee that isn't on the list? Email us!