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Valerie's Pizza Parlour

Australia’s first Detroit-style pizza shop

Putting the party back into PIZZA PARTY!

Have you been awaiting the return of Maryville’s favourite pizza pop-up? Well, we are glad to share that Valerie’s Pizza Parlour has finally set up shop and opened their doors in the centre of Hunter Street.

Serving their Detroit-style pizza at their pop-up at Uprising in June 2018, locals have been eagerly stalking the socials to see when they’d be coming back to town. Valerie’s Pizza Parlour officially opened their doors in mid-November 2019 and have been slinging pizza goodness out the door like no tomorrow! With no plans on slowing down, Vals will continue to do so for as long as the people of Newcastle want their one-of-a-kind pizza!

Brought to us by the guys behind local favourite, The Family Hotel, Steven and the team have put their absolute heart and soul into the new space to bring Valerie’s Pizza Parlour to life. With the space now not only a takeaway pizza joint, Vals now has plenty of beautiful booths for large and small groups of people to devour all of the pizza they can get their hands on.

Now, let’s get to the pizza. Detroit-style is something a little different to the usual go-to we’ve got happening all across town. All I can say is to expect the unexpected; it’s rectangle, thick and has one of the most amazing pizza crusts you’ll ever try.

“It’s known as a frico-crust; similar to when you’re making a toasted sandwich at home and the cheese leaks out and grills itself (aka, HEAVEN). Apart from the crust, the base is crunchy, and the inside of the dough is light and fluffy, perfect for holding our delicious toppings,” Steven said.

So, why the interest in Detroit-style pizza?

“I had been reading a lot about Detroit-style pizza – I’m a big fan of deep-pan pizzas which really appealed to me. I did a few big cook ups at my house and invited friends over each time and they loved it so I thought the next step would be to finesse it and offer it to the public.

“The OG Detroit pizzas are nearly twice as thick as ours and we thought it was too thick for people to enjoy so we tailored it to be a bit thinner and less dense. This way people can still go out after eating it or enjoy a few more drinks,” Steven said.

Now to what you’re all really wanting to know about; what can you really expect from the menu? With over ten different pizza options, plus their daily specials, you can rest assured that the meat eaters, the plant eaters and all those in between have been catered for.

The menu also boasts a range of sides including the all-time favs, mozzarella sticks, garlic and cheesy breads, salads, and of course; BBQ wings!

Vals is also brimming with cocktail goodies; think fresh, tropical flavours as well as some classics with their own Vals twist.

Now to the name; who is Valerie?

“Valerie is my grandmother’s name and it is named after her. She is an excellent old-school cook and has taught me a lot over the years. Her dessert recipes will feature regularly on the specials board.”

Sticking true to their motto, Valerie’s Pizza Parlous is absolutely putting party back into PIZZA PARTY, with their almighty menu and fun & energetic decked out interiors.

“We see Val’s as being the beginning (and maybe the end if they go all the way through until the end haha) of most people’s nights so apart from wanting to feed them, we want to set them up for the best night out of their life – fun food, boozy cocktails, and music they can bop along to in their chairs is all part of it. Restaurants can be fun and colourful!”

Whether you’re a pizza fiend, a foodie or looking for a night out with friends, Valerie’s Pizza Parlour offers it all.

Valerie's Pizza Parlour

87-89 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Today - closed