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United Service Club

A secret inner-city watering hole on Watt Street

Open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, the United Service Club is perfect for those after-work drinks

Hiding in plain sight on Watt Street, is an inner-city watering hole you may have been unaware of.

Residing within a beautiful heritage building erected in 1884, the United Service Club is one of the oldest clubs in Australia. In 1927, United Service Club was founded by veterans, for veterans. The idea was to form friendships and comradeship between service people, and has been a gathering place for them ever since. 

Take a seat on one of the various Chesterfield lounges in the aptly named The Lounge, which is also home to the impressive RN Dick Stanley library, a large glass fronted cabinet crammed with antique military themed books.

The United Service Club is rich with artefacts that have been donated by past members, and if you’re a military history buff, let’s be honest, even if you’re not, you could be mesmerised for hours. Glass cabinets full of painted figures, swords, guns and a fireplace stacked with shells, it feels like you’ve walked into someone’s lounge room. Not only that, there’s bound to be a friendly face to welcome you and engage in a conversation.

A full-size billiard table takes pride of place in the Games Room. Find a cosy corner to play chess or pick from a stack of board games. The Games Room has a several weapon displays as well as a collection of old disused pool cue tubes from members long ago, some with names or initials etched in the leather.

Open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, the United Service Club has a bar with a range of beers and spirits, perfect for those after-work drinks. Drop in before dinner at surrounding restaurants: Humble Thai, Bocados, Rustica, The Falcon, Paymasters or before a show at 48 Watt Street. If you’re a free agent, settle in for a comfy evening with friends.

The United Service Club welcomes everyone for breakfast and drinks after the ANZAC Day Dawn service. If you have an event coming up, the United Service Club can be hired for private functions and weddings, where the building and interior decoration provide such an atmosphere you may not even need to decorate!

Occasionally there are casual events: wine tasting, pop up paella nights and live music. If you love a game or two, Euchre is a regular fixture on Thursday nights.

Stop by the United Service Club to enjoy mateship and a quiet drink in a place where it feels like time stands still. 

United Service Club

55 Watt Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

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