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The Tailor's Workshop

A beautiful family run espresso cafe, with authentic Macedonian food

The story of The Tailor's Workshop started way back in the 1950s, when Kocho Naumov, a young Macedonian immigrant arrived in Sydney Harbour with his mother, before heading north to Newcastle to reunite with his father and start a new life.

It was in Newcastle that Kocho continued as a tradesman tailor and after many years of hard work he gained a reputation as one of the most skilled tailors in the town. With room and staff required the “Kocho Tailor Shop” opened. 

Today, some 60 or so years later, the legacy of Kocho lives on thanks to his family who wanted to pay tribute to his life and craft.

Whilst there are no needles or scissors to be seen there are machines of a different sort with The Tailor's Workshop Espresso Café not only being a beautiful place to catch up but the chance to catch a glimpse and taste of the Macedonian way of life.

Tailor's Workshop

Sitting down with Josh, Kocho’s grandson, he describes The Tailor's Workshop as being, what a typical Macedonian family does, 

"We’re all in there working together, everyone comes from slightly different backgrounds, I’ve got 10 years of hospitality and event management experience, Mum’s from the bank industry and Bobby is the tradie.

"Our chef, Dali, is a very well-known in Newcastle and has been a long-time friend and is practically one of the family. Dali’s worked all over the world and is a Michelin star chef, it’s pretty exciting to have someone of his calibre in the kitchen.”

The design and fitout of The Tailor's Workshop are completely unique to Newcastle and is worth a visit all on its own. Once the original site of Kocho’s tailor shop, much of the interior inspiration came from the workshop's original fitout with some old elements, like the exposed bricks, re-used to create the new. The coffee bench is a replica of Kocho’s original one, you'll even find Kocho’s hard-working ruler embedded into the bench, a reminder of how it all began.

Tailor's Workshop

When it comes to the food Josh said the family wanted to offer guests the kind of menu that was typical of what they have all grown up with. The Macedonian inspired menu offers diners the option to either take the usual foodie route of scrambled, poached or fried eggs for breakfast or take the Macedonian road with some of the extras not typically found on many other menus in Newcastle. 

"The Kolbasi is a traditional smoked Macedonian sausage which you’ll find in The Tailor's Spread, our signature big breakfast.”

Tailor's Workshop

Another staple of the Macedonian menu are chillies which Josh said are grown in their own backyard and picked fresh each day. Whether they're hot or sweet, chillies make an appearance in many of the dishes. Then you’ve got those delicious Balkan sweets. From the familiar Baklava to the Sutlijash, a traditional creamy rice pudding, or the Galaktomboureko, a beautiful creamy dessert made with semolina custard and filo pastry.

There are of course those familiar favourites like burgers, rolls and wraps but as they say, “when in Macedonia”.

In addition to the authentic, delicious menu and stunning interior, there is the fascinating and proud history of this beautiful family run business.

Tailor's Workshop

The Tailor's Workshop

10 Beaumont St, Islington NSW 2296

Today - 0700 - 1500