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The Perfect Shot

The Daniel Courtney Gallery meets Cafe

Taking a double meaning of the word 'shot' to a new level, with a collaboration of landscape photography and delicious coffee.

Daniel Courtney found his passion for landscape photography just over 12 years ago. Originally from Sydney, Daniel, and his partner Amanda crossed paths when he first moved to Newcastle working at the RAAF base. Together, the pair later relocated to Darwin, which is where Daniel’s photography blossomed. He began to sell his photography in weekly local markets and online as his collection grew even more.

"We work really well together, Amanda is very supportive. When we go out she will go wandering around the area looking for different composition ideas. If she finds something different she can send me an image on her phone and then I'll come out with the camera and do my thing to capture something special," Daniel told us. 

With both Amanda and Daniels families being from the Sydney/Hunter area, it made sense to come back home where they could start a family and a business in a comfortable environment. It was here the couple decided that opening a gallery-cross-cafe could be a fun, adventurous step for them. 

Although originally selling his work at our local markets, Daniel had planned to showcase his work within a gallery setting.

"My work really needs to be displayed in a gallery setting. It gets very hard transporting stuff to and fro and you can’t create the same atmosphere. Markets are busy, there is a lot of other stuff going on at once, wherein a gallery it is a lot quieter and you know the customers have come in to solely focus on your artwork."

Over Christmas, the couple scored themselves a spot inside Westfield Kotara. With Westfield’s recent extension, Daniel was able to showcase his work in a shop and not just the walkway. The temporary pop up was opened from early November 2018 till mid-February 2019, really allowing Daniel to get his name and work out to the locals over a busy Christmas period. 

Due to the space previously being a Café, it seemed to be the perfect fit as everything was already approved and business could start immediately.

With photography complementing the setting for their café, the Perfect Shot allows café goers and art lovers to have the best of both worlds.

Everything you order in store is made fresh by either Daniel or Amanda themselves. Whether you fancy the Brioche toast with home-made blackberry ice-cream or the chicken salad sandwich, everything is made fresh, daily! (Tip: I suggest trying the brioche so you can taste the blackberry ice cream)!

“We’re a small local business, so we want to support other local businesses as well.”

By keeping it local, Daniel and Amanda make their coffee with Peaberrys, a local Islington roast, and pastries from The Blind Baker in New Lambton.

"Its all just simple, tasty, a no-cook type of kitchen. More healthy options like Vietnamese chicken salads and beetroot bruschetta!"

Future plans?

"Really just focusing on this. It would be great to get to a point where the gallery is our focus and the café does its own thing and semi runs itself. We want the café to be consistent and to have a good reputation for excellent food and the best coffee but we have to remember I'm a photographer and my focus for business is the gallery and expanding the photography cabinet."

The Perfect Shot

461 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Today - 0700 - 1630