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The Eco Emporyum

The three-in-one ECO space

You can find beautiful home wares including original refurbished furniture, Eco friendly household products and delicious, fair trade coffee and healthy snacks.

There’s a new eco focussed collaborative space on Hunter St that eco warriors; young, old and everyone in between should know about! The Eco Emporyum, the brainchild of three incredibly eco passionate women; Marion, Sam & Jana.

Officially opening their doors in early July 2019, The Eco Emporyum came to life following the ladies' three separate business ventures, all working towards one common goal; to open up their own space.

“Originally, I thought I would just be doing my own little coffee shop, so I’ve been looking for over a year. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, so I talked to a few people, and saw this space. I knew it would be too big for just a coffee shop, but I remember Sam telling me she was looking for a space, as well as Jana? So, I thought I’d just ask if these two would be interested,” Marion told me.

Marion had known both Sam and Jana over the years through friends, family and markets and could see all three of them getting along nicely.

“When Marion found a property and we all came together to have a look, and realised that yeah, this idea could really work. Once that was decided, the ball really began rolling,” Sam told me.

The three businesses all complement one another and work together to hold a strong sustainability theme throughout the space.

Sam is behind Eco Pirates, the sustainable general store.Established in 2013, Eco Pirates stocks all of your household products including bamboo toothbrushes, kitchen essentials, chemical free cleaning, natural beauty remedies and ‘on the go’ products to help you lower your carbon footprint and transform your home into an environmentally friendly one.

“Simple swaps for sustainability is our tagline, and we provide the possibility for every household to have recyclable, reusable and sustainable goods and products. I’ve always cared for the environment and to be able to have Eco Pirates has just been an awesome thing to bring to the community.”

Prior to opening up this space, Sam was popping up across markets, as well as sustainability and vegan festivals. Our favourite item in the range has got to be the soap nuts, these little babies last for up to four washes!

Jana is the creative genius behind all of the beautiful homewares and furniture in the store; Isabella’s Creative Moments; Furniture and Home Décor. Originally from Germany, Jana has called Australia home for the past 10 years and has been breathing new life into pre-loved furniture ever since.

“I love giving pre-loved furniture a new lease on life and I like to rescue those forgotten treasures and refine them into unique, beautiful works of art for your home. I am a big fan of using eco-friendly products to save our environment and are health friendly,” Jana told me.

Jana has also started up the space’s very own Charity wall, with $2 from each piece sold goes towards a local charity. Visitors will be able to find a rotating range of unique pieces from artists and brands from across the country.

The lovely lady serving up your food and coffee is none other than Marion! Also hailing from Germany, she brings with her some of her childhood favourite snacks; Poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes).

“Being from Germany close to the border of the Netherlands and growing up eating them, it just made sense to offer them! They’ve been incredibly popular for afternoon tea,” Marion said.

Visitors can also get their hands on some scrumptious cold pressed juices and smoothies, healthy homemade treats and takeaway toasties as well as their incredible single origin coffee from Ethica. From an organic free-trade coffee farm in a Papua New Guinean village.

“I’ve been lucky enough to visit the village myself where I met the farmers. We’ve been using these beans almost since the very beginning.”

For lovers of environmentally friendly options, good coffee and homewares shopping, you’ve got to head into the Eco Emporyum. Oh and remember to say hello to the three lovely ladies working behind the counter!

The Eco Emporyum

537 Hunter Street, Newcastle West, NSW, 2303

Today - 0630 - 1600