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Talby's Ice Creamery

Ice cream, gelato, chicken wings, pizza, waffles, basically any food that they like to eat they sell

“I just f%$king love food” explains Lyndon.

It all started with a love of ice cream when Lyndon and his wife first opened Talby’s on Beaumont Street. After being approached to lease out the old Eagle Boys building in Mayfield, then signing it, Lyndon’s wife asked, “What are you going to do with it?” to which he replied, “I don’t know yet”. This all happened in November last year, and by January, ‘The Wing Division’ was up and running.

With the convenience of living in Mayfield with their young family, they decided to move Talby’s to Mayfield as well which is now attached to the back of The Wing Division. 

The Wing Division is primarily a takeaway shop with the option to sit in on the seats provided at Talby’s. They make the majority of their ingredients on site like their delicious wings and sauces, as well as nachos, fries, ratatouille and other regular specials. Most recently pizzas have also been added to the menu.

And where they can, why not combine ingredients from the two businesses together? I got to taste their latest pizza creation- nutella, marshmallows and ice cream. I would highly recommend sharing with about 8 other people, but OMG it was delicious! 

Catering to the whole community, including those with allergies, both stores have gluten free and dairy free options available. Talby’s and The Wing Division both have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a great community spirit!

Talby's Ice Creamery

286 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304

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