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This might just be their tastiest Ramen collab yet!

Susuru have pulled together some tasty Ramen collabs in the last 12 months, and now Chef Mark Rusev is taking things to a whole other level teaming up with Hunter Valley cattle station, Binnie Beef to bring you the ‘Wagyu Rib Kuppa Ramen’.

Recently coming on board as Head Chef at Susuru, Mark together with Binnie Beef owners Liz & Steve Binnie, have crafted the ultimate farm to plate collaboration.

susuru ramen gyoza restaurant newcastle
Taiyo Namba, Steve & Liz Binnie and Chef Mark Rusev

Based on the traditional Korean soup dish “Kuppa”, the Wagyu Rib Kuppa Ramen will be served using the rich flavours of Binnie Beef’s wagyu ribs, making for the most perfect of winter dishes.

The Wagyu Rib Kuppa Ramen will be available for the month of June, and with Susuru open for dine-in why not drop in, or if you still prefer the convenience of home delivery Click Here to Order Your Kuppa!

susuru ramen gyoza bar restaurant newcastle

So what exactly the Kuppa and what can we expect?

Traditionally Kuppa is made using Karubi Ribs, however with Binnie Beef cattle station just an hour's drive from Newcastle, and Liz & Steve setting up the Binnie Beef Warehouse in Parry St, the opportunity to work with a locally sourced wagyu beef producer was an opportunity too good to pass on. Which equals rich, mouth-watering wagyu flavours that will literally melt in your mouth.


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