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Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

Cheaper prices, the original spicy miso ramen returns, and a cracking $25 lunch deal

King Street go-to, Susuru Ramen & Gyoza, has just dropped a new menu with more bang for your buck, the return of a much-loved ramen, and some fresh additions. If the bright lights of this tasty Japanese joint haven’t drawn you in yet, then the smell of spicy miso ramen certainly will.

If the cost of living is hurting your wallet right now, but you’re still craving a delicious Japanese feast, Susuru has got you covered.

The new menu means a new pricing structure, so dining is even better value.

Think a regular ramen (loaded up with plenty of toppings) from just $18, with flavours like tonkotsu, curry, and shoyu all available. Susuru devotees will be excited to hear that the team has brought back spicy miso ramen – a rich pork broth infused with miso paste and chilli oil, topped with chashu pork, shallots, corn, marinated egg, and garlic flakes. There’s also an all new vegan shoyu ramen, featuring a vegan broth and soy sauce combined with truffle and garlic oil, loaded with veggies and crumbed tofu.

susuru ramen & gyoza new menu july 2024 newcastle

The budget-friendly options keep coming in the donburi section of the menu, where you can enjoy a regular curry donburi for just $11, or score a Mini Chashu Pork Don for $11.50. You’ll have to get in quick for these flavoursome mini donburi bowls – there’s only five available per day!

If you’re looking for an excuse to try as much of Susuru’s menu as you can with the most value, go for the $25 Lunch Set. This deal includes any ramen or donburi, plus three pieces of gyoza or wings, two dessert gyoza, and a soft drink. 

susuru ramen & gyoza new menu july 2024 newcastle

And speaking of gyoza, let’s not forget the latest addition to the dumpling section of the menu – sui-gyoza. These tender, juicy boiled dumplings in a rich sauce make for the ultimate winter warmer.

susuru ramen & gyoza new menu july 2024 newcastle

Salivating yet? Time to satisfy those cravings at Susuru Ramen & Gyoza, open every day of the week.

Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

140 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 1130 - 1400 1700 - 2030