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Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

Get yourself a frozen ramen kit and enjoy Susuru at home

Not only can you enjoy a taste of Tokyo in your own home, you get to make it too! The CBD ramen restaurant, Susuru, have launched their Frozen Ramen kits to ensure all of us ramen lovers can still slurp up those noodles and have some fun along the way.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually made Ramen so getting to whip together something that tastes just like the real thing from Susuru is making me feel like becoming a chef could be a great back-up career! Whilst it might be going to my head, this is an indication of just how easy it is to make your very own Susuru dish with their very own frozen ramen kits.

If it’s the gyoza’s you’re missing from Susuru, you’ll be glad to hear that they’re offering these frozen too! If you plan on ordering a frozen ramen kit you'll also enjoy 10% off your frozen gyoza’s so you can create the ultimate Susuru night in!

There are five ramens in each pack, and you can choose from; Katsu Curry Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen, and Vegan Curry Ramen. Choose one of each or pick all the same.

Go all out and complement your ramen with Susuru’s famous gyoza flavours; Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Vegan, Chilli Chicken, Apple Pie, Banoffee, and Chocolate Cake!

So, how does it work?

Order Online and get your frozen kit delivered direct to your door. Inside your parcel, you’ll receive all of your goodies in separate packaging and the all-important cooking instructions. Have a read through the info, check out all your ingredients and get ready to cook! If like me, you’re a keen cook, you can have your meal on the table within 8 minutes. Insane!

So, get in the mood for some home-made Susuru flavours, order your frozen ramen kits online and get ready for some serious slurping!

Order online here.

Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

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