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Discover bistro dining with an edge in Newcastle

Driving down Newcastle’s Hunter St, you could very easily overlook number 551D, yet if you slow down just a little what you’ll discover is one of Newcastle’s most delightful dining venues, and a labour of love for owners Beau and Suzie Vincent.

After years of working in the Sydney and Melbourne food scene, Suzie and Beau decided to settle in Newcastle to be closer to their families. It was only a matter of time before the successful duo returned to the kitchen, this time crafting their own unique dining experience space.

It could have been very easy for Subo to become another fine dining restaurant with Beau and Suzie drawing on their years of experience of working in such prestigious restaurants as Tetsuya’s, Assiette, Claude’s, Centonove and Guillaume of Bennelong in Melbourne and Sydney. Instead they fused together an intimate, 35 seats only, yet casual dining space that guests feel they can relax in with exquisite food.

There are no sirs and madams here, in Suzie and Beau's own words, "Subo is a casual modern bistro, with a bit of an edge."

The menu is a reflection of Beau’s varied restaurant experience which has allowed him to work with both Japanese and French cuisines.

However, no boundaries are set with inspiration being drawn upon from pretty much everywhere and emphasis placed on using only seasonally fresh produce with Beau’s commitment to quality the key to Subo’s success.

Subo is serious food, but not just for the serious foodie. Whether you’re the ultimate gourmand or you just love to try something new, you can be assured of a welcome greeting by Suzie and the staff and a truly memorable dining experience.