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Side Pocket Espresso

Relaxed cafe in a secret corner of Mayfield

We make great food, delicious coffee & want to make everyone feel warm & welcome here.

If you enjoy getting out to try new cafés and coffee spots then you're going to love Side Pocket Espresso. Located outside the better known café soaked suburbs of Newcastle, you'll find Side Pocket Espresso tucked away in a tiny corner of Mayfield, a little unexpected but a lot to like.

Since opening in 2014, Side Pocket Espresso has become a local institution, that Mayfield-ites swear by. Owner and barista Amy, has created a super fresh and hip café that not only feels inviting but offers a tasty and healthy menu.

Amy explains that they offer range of light, healthy, veggie-focused café meals with as many of the products they use sourced from local suppliers. Everything is brewed, cooked, blended and toasted on site giving each meal a fresh and tasty flavour.

There's also a rotating selection of house-baked treats in the front counter. Crowd favourites include their vegan chocolate and hemp seed brownies, or the blueberry and coconut bread. 

With a reputation for some of the best coffee in Mayfield, Side Pocket is the perfect locale for a quick coffee pit stop. They use beans from Single O Roasters, and their house blend, named Yeehah! is dark and rich with notes of caramel, macadamia and raisins.

Together with its unique flavour Single O Roasters work hard to source ethically and environmentally sound beans that are roasted on solar power, all of which keeps in theme with Side Pocket Espresso's ethos.

Overall Side Pocket Espresso is just a really chilled out place where people can pull up a chair, perch at the bar, settle in at a table or relax under the umbrella at the picnic table. Amy is super passionate about Side Pocket, and has created a warm, welcoming space that we just love. Add it to your list of café drop ins this weekend.

Side Pocket Espresso

292/286 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304

Today - 0600 - 1500