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New to the brewing market, Shout Brewing is wasting no time and is offering takeaway and delivery of their brew filled growlers.

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Where: Newcastle & Lake Macquarie
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There’s been a lot of changes across not only Newcastle but the whole world really since the restrictions following the outbreak of COVID-19 have taken place. But, one thing we’d like to be able to see stick around post-pandemic, is the delivery and take-away of alcoholic beverages; in this case, beer!

One local brewery in particular, has gone from what was supposed to be one of the most exciting starts of a year to one of the most confusing. Shout Brewing has been the culmination of a whole lot of planning and processing over the past few years when they were due to open their very own tasting bar here in Newcastle. That of which, had met quite a bit of a roadblock.

That is, they didn’t just have to halt the operating of their tasting bar, but all of the bars and restaurants that had Shout Brewing on their taps had to cancel their orders.

“The tasting bar was styled on a winery cellar door, in that it was intended to give people an opportunity to come to visit us, taste a few different beers, then purchase beer to take home.  We are fortunate in that we’ve been able to remain open for people to come purchase takeaway growlers directly from us, albeit without the tasting experience.   

“However, selling kegs to pubs was a big part of our business until the restrictions hit, so we’ve had to adapt and find ways to sell direct to the community,” Dylan told me.

Rather than dwelling on the setback, the four owners; Jim, Michael, Dylan and Jake decided to make their new business venture work, so a hell load of growlers were delivered, and a plan was devised.

Shout Brewing is NOW offering takeaway and delivery of their locally brewed beer bottled in growlers, with plans for launching cans in the coming weeks.

The four guys, all originally from Country NSW, shared their love for beer during their social soccer games they would play for Mayfield and have called Newcastle home for the best part of 20 years.

There’s such a diversity in styles of beer that can be produced. We all love trying new and interesting beers. Plus, it also tastes really good! - Dylan

Three of the guys; Jim, Jake, and Dylan all had backgrounds in homebrewing, and Michael had experience in running a business. With all of their heads coming together, they knew that Shout Brewing could be in for a winner.

“Although we had spoken for a while about starting a brewery, one of many catalysts was in late 2017 when the Scottish craft beer company, BrewDog, announced they were considering Newcastle or Brisbane as a location to set up their Australian brewery. 

“Although they ended up locating in Brisbane, it highlighted that Newcastle didn't really have that many breweries for a city our size.  We all love the existing breweries based here, but we wanted more, so we decided to start one ourselves.”

Now, to the important stuff; the beer. Shout Brewing has quite the diversity in their range to appeal to a wider audience. Currently, they have their ‘Mullet’ Pale Ale, Kveik New England IPA, and an XPA for takeaway and growler deliveries.

“The XPA is at the more approachable end of the beer spectrum of our range and is fairly light-bodied with the delicate presence of floral hops.

“The Mullet Pale Ale is still quite approachable yet enough substance to satisfy more of the craft beer types…we’re looking at having this canned soon and have been working with an ex-local graphic designer, Beau Penton on the packaging – we can’t wait to get it out in bottleshops as it looks awesome.

“The New England IPA (NEIPA) just got kegged over the weekend and we are a bit excited about it. The NEIPA style is an unfiltered beer, and intentionally cloudy, with lots of hops. Often described as juicy and best drunk fresh.

"We also had an IPA that we sold out of last week. We will be making more of this soon, as well as another XPA, Red Lager, Dark Ale and Coffee Blonde Ale. The Coffee Blonde Ale is a collaboration between our brewer Jake and Colour Dot Coffee. It’s a very light colour beer but has creamy mouthfeel and pleasant coffee aroma. I think the rest of us were all a bit sceptical of the concept but the pilot brew turned out great, so we are going to make some more. We are also working on a collaboration beer with a local winery as well.”

The name itself, Shout Brewing, sure is one to remember, and the reason behind it fuses brilliantly with the act of beer drinking!

“The name refers to shouting a round of drinks. It took a while to come up with a name we all liked, but we really wanted something that reflected that at the core of it, we are four friends that share a passion for beer. It was something that we had done when starting out; we’d sit around and chat and shout each other drinks.”

The fellas are currently working on a collaboration beer with a local winery which we just can’t wait for, their canned beers are also soon to hit the shelves, and they’ve got plans to move into a larger space and potentially open a licensed bar alongside some great foodie offerings! We have a good feeling that the guys at Shout Brewing aren’t just going to keep us all hydrated during COVID-19 restrictions, but we’ll be sure to seem them on all our local watering holes’ taps once our local hospitality venues can open again!