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San Churro Chocolateria

Thick, rich and unmercifully wicked desserts!

Named after a visionary Spanish monk who “believed chocolate had incredible powers to heal and bring joy to the lives of the masses. San Churro made it his life’s work and passion to share the secret of chocolate with the world.” Not unlike myself, who has made it my life mission to eat as much chocolate as possible!

With a menu of churros, cake, hot chocolate, ice cream and coffee, San Churro is the perfect dessert destination. I can’t go past the churros, for those not familiar with them, they are dough-pastry piped into long strips, deep fired, then dusted in sugar. Paired with a pot of melted couverture chocolate – ahhh perfection.

Spain is the birthplace of modern day chocolate thanks to Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes, who first discovered it and brought the Aztec tradition of chocolate back to Spain in 1528. Since then chocolate has become a quintessential part of Spanish life.

San Churro’s other speciality is their Spanish Hot Chocolate, imported and made to an authentic traditional recipe, these hot chocolates are full flavoured, thick, rich and unmercifully wicked, the way hot chocolates should be!

Part of the Westfield Kotara Rooftop Dining precinct, San Churro is a dessert lovers destination.

The Rooftop features nine restaurants and a performance stage, it’s an open-aired precinct with a rustic ambience thanks to the use of timber, grassy areas and outdoor dining options, there’s even play equipment for the kids. There's something for everyone, including Criniti’s, Zeus Street Greek, Cantina de Mad Mex, Lone Star Rib House, San Churro, Nando’s, Kinn Thai, Grill’d, Noodle Hut and Event Cinemas.

The Rooftop’s restaurants, stage and grassy knolls connect dining, relaxing and live entertainment, making Westfield Kotara the complete entertainment destination.

San Churro Chocolateria

Northcott Drive, Kotara NSW 2289

Today - 0900 - 2200