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Mayfield West

Roys at 45

The Maitland Road eatery is back with a fresh approach

Some may remember this Maitland Road eatery as Barrio 2304, and some may remember it as Roy’s Kitchen, but in June this year, the space was reimagined once more as Roy’s at 45.

Brought to you by the same couple behind Roy’s Kitchen, Jason and Sarah, Roys at 45 is all about getting back to their roots.

“My passion brought me back here and now I’m able to deliver a more complete package and close to what I ultimately enjoy, which is hosting and entertaining others,” Jason said.

The recently opened venue has quickly become a favourite for Mayfield residents, offering a relaxed space to catch up with friends and eat good, tasty food whilst being entertained by their hosts.

“We want to be able to laugh and talk with our guests. We keep the lighting dark with a few booths. A big, long wooden table for large groups and a private room out the back for six.”

The menu, currently only available for viewing via the venue’s blackboard, will be forever changing which means you’ll just have to drop in and sample it all for yourself!

“Sushant and I have been able to bounce off of each other and have been cooking up so much different stuff – flatbreads, dumplings, short ribs, meatballs, salads, salsas, skewers – all kinds of things!”

If you’ve ever experienced an iteration of the Roy’s brand, whether it was Roy’s Kitchen, Lil Roy’s, or STEEL by Roy – you’ll know that the food is always kept simple yet tasty.

“I like to explain my food as comfort or soul food – rich and full flavoured. It’s influenced by my parent’s home cooking, my friends, my chefs, and anyone who has had me over for dinner.

“The sharing of food and drinks for me is one of the best human experiences. Being able to entertain a collection of people is really rewarding.”

The menu also features a banquet option for those groups who like to sample a little bit of everything.

Drinks-wise, Roy’s at 45 offers a monthly rotating cocktail menu that has been curated by mixologist, Jared Scott, who has been behind many a Newcastle bar. Additionally, the wine list is entirely sourced from the Hunter Valley with a big focus on blends.

Whilst we’ve seen Jason & Sarah spread their Roy’s foodie creations across Newcastle over the past few years, Jason tells me that they’re putting down some roots at 45 Maitland Road and have no plans to move elsewhere for the time being.

 Drop into this casual eatery and get around their consistently rotating menu.

“I simply love the experience of people having a good time with a great vibe and leaving happy with full tummies.”