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Royal Crown Hotel

Not your standard pub grub in Dudley

Dudley. It's possible that you’ve lived in Newcastle your entire life & never actually visited this suburb.

What reason is there, other than to go to the beach or do a drive-by along Burwood Rd to check out all the massive homes? Dudley is, however, a bit of a quiet achiever.  

Possibly one of Newcastle’s most beautiful suburbs made up of mostly bush and beach, it also happens to have two pubs. The Royal Crown Hotel, the one on your right going down the hill is the one we're talking about here, and their menu alone is worth taking a drive for. 

Brought to you by the guys from Coal & Cedar the winter menu has just dropped and it's more than just a bit tasty.

Hearty with plenty of flavours and something for everyone, highlights including the Citrus & Chile Braised Beef Ribs, Beef & Potato Massam Curry and that Korean Fried Chicken with American Cheese, Kimichi, Pickles and Hot Sauce.

There are also some pub favourites like the massive Panko Crumbed Chicken Snitzel with Slaw and Chips.

Or for something a little more refined go the Braised Duck and Charred Cucumber Yoghurt with Tuscan Cabbage, Roasted Pear and Chick Peas Shoots.

There's nothing regular about the dessert menu either. We had a hard time deciding between the Churros w/ Nutella and Vanilla Bean Icecream and the New York Cheesecake w/ Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote, we went for the latter and it didn't disappoint.

The guys have done an awesome job in bringing quality food and that old school pub hospitality back to the Royal Crown Hotel, and whilst it may not be on your regular route Dudley makes the perfect ‘looking for somewhere new to eat this weekend’ option.

Royal Crown Hotel

94 Ocean Street, Dudley NSW 2290

Today - 1500 - 2100