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It's all about the raw potential you get from the freshness of the food

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Where: Merewether, Merewether Heights, The Junction, Maryville, Wickham, Carrington, Islington, Bar Beach, Cooks Hill, Newcastle, Newcastle East, The Hill, Newcastle West, Hamilton, Hamilton East, Hamilton South. 
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This café is all about fresh, local produce that is quick and affordable.

Previously running hotels, before working in public service for 16 years, Jenny explains that it was time for her to do something for herself. But what really got the ball rolling was her visit to Raw Energy in Wollongong two years ago.

Raw Energy

Raw Energy caters for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free meals, which is ideal for her daughter Alison who is a vegetarian. Alison explains that eating out as a vegetarian “gets a bit repetitive, you don’t get excited about going out”. 

The zucchini and corn fritters have been a popular choice on the menu so far which includes two fritters stuffed with bacon, avocado salsa, salad, sauce, egg and it's also one of their gluten free items. 
Raw Energy

Raw Energy has two different types of coffee on offer: the independent single origin, Black Monty as well as the Raw Energy Coffee. Or why not add a bit of colour with their Just Blend lattes, which includes turmeric, beetroot, blueberry, chai and charcoal. 
Raw Energy

Open for breakfast, lunch and takeaways, Jenny emphasizes that the “number one people you have to look after is your staff, and then go from there”.

Raw Energy

Raw Energy Cafe

18 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 0600 - 1500