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Quill & Compass

The nautical themed bar bringing live music to Darby Street

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Travel south along Darby until you hit Quill & Compass, who represent all that used to be good about Newcastle’s late-night scene. The restaurant aims to rehash the idea of bringing people in, having a feed, sip on your favourite drink and watch one of the many live bands that play at Quill & Compass. 

Quill & Compass

Since opening in 2018, Mitch and Shaun have created the ultimate package deal for customers to eat awesome food and soak up some of Newcastle’s best live music.

Quill & Compass

"The idea is to get people in, eat and share some amazing food, get comfy and enjoy some of the best bands Newcastle has to offer."

Forget about sitting at home with your aux cord or Bluetooth speaker, Quill & Compass book a long list of musicians that will keep your Friday nights interesting. From Irish folk, Bluegrass, New Orleans Jazz, and everything in between, this venue well and truly has you sorted. 

Quill & Compass

By now, you can probably tell these guys are passionate about plugging Newcastle’s live music back in and are rooting for changes to be made to current licensing laws.

Quill & Compass

"We believe that Newcastle has the potential to once again be a great city for live music and nightlife in general.

"Some unbelievable bands have come out of this place and there is still so much talent. But these guys and girls can't go from jamming in the garage to booking out big live music venues, Newcastle needs intermediate settings to grow."

So with that mind, get well acquainted with the guys at Quill & Compass for a no fuss weekend shake up. 

Quill & Compass

171 Darby Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Today - 0700 - 2200