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The Junction

Popolo Artisan Gelateria

Handmade authentic Italian Gelato can now be scoffed down at The Junction and....

they have a Nutella Tap!

If you love gelato, of the Popolo variety, then you’ll be stoked to hear that the Italian crew are expanding their gelato empire, setting up shop within The Junction Fair Shopping Centre.

The same, much loved, Popolo Gelateria that we're all so familiar with from King St in the city, has been replicated with all your favourite flavours and crunchy wafer cones, as well as a few new tasty additions.

Most exciting is the installation by Alfonso, the Gelato Master, of the insanely good looking and deliciously tasting Nutella Tap, yes a Nutella Tap!

There on the bench Nutella flows freely like something out of Wonka's Chocolate Factory, with a distinctly Italian style. Imported from Italy by Alfonso, the idea of the tap is for you to fill the bottom of your cone, as well as perhaps the outer rim, with warm oozy Nutella sauce then add your favourite gelato flavour on top, and voila, you have heaven in a cone.

Alfonso said,

“We’ve introduced the Nutella flavour first because we think it will be most popular, we will change the flavour with plain chocolate and white chocolate later but Nutella will be here for a while. We’re installing one in King Street as well so no one in town will miss out.”

Introducing a new flavour each month, depending on what’s in season, Popolo is not only ideal for that on-the-run gelato fix but is perfect for at home anytime with the family tub option. With the takeaway tubs available in ½, litre or 1½ litre tub sizes you can now feast on your favourite Popolo flavour on the couch at home!