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Valerie's Pizza Parlour

12-months on we check in to see what’s happening at the East End pizza parlour

Photography courtesy of Shades of Blue Media

We all remember when Newcastle had its very first pop-up for Detroit styled pizzas in Maryville back in 2018, and again when they moved into their dedicated (and god damn stylish) space on Hunter St right at the start of 2020.

Well, it’s been just over 12-months since we last touched base and the local foodie joint has been on quite the journey finding its feet during a worldwide pandemic, launching with a new team, and even starting up a Newcastle first, serving pizza by the slice!

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

Now, with Head Chef Blair McCarthy tackling the kitchen, the Hunter St pizza parlour is not only serving up some of the most unique pizzas in town but also slinging out some new creations never before seen in Newcastle!

“Blair really knows his stuff! Having him come on board has allowed us to make way better pizzas. He makes everything fresh each day, uses higher quality ingredients and the pizzas are even bigger than before,” Steven Forbes said.

The menu now boasts Val’s signature THICC (Detroit-style) pizzas, as well as the THINN (hand-stretched Neapolitan-style) pizzas as well as favourites from the old menu; Mozzarella Sticks anyone?

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

Not sure where to start on the menu? Check out the crowd favourite and iconic pizza topping; The pep-pep-pepperoni!

“Our new pepperoni has been getting killer reviews! Blair puts a drizzle of pepper honey on which people have been really loving. His blackboard specials have been selling out really quickly each week too. We did a beef brisket special using brisket smoked by The Falcon crew that we’ve had to put on another week because it was just so popular.”

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

If signing up for a whole pizza from Val’s just seems too much, you’ll be psyched to hear they’ve recently launched a Newcastle first – Pizza by the slice! The $5 slices are the size of around ¼ of their usual pizzas and are available in three toppings (Napoletana, cheese, pepperoni), and can be done on either THICC or THINN base.

“Sometimes a whole pizza is just too much fun! It means you can just have 1-2 slices and still keep your night rolling. It’s very booze-friendly (slice in one hand, beer in the other).”

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

In addition to the pizza goodies, the Hunter St spot has also kicked off an all-you-can-eat wings night happening every Thursday from 5pm (bookings essential).

“Every Thursday is AYCE wings night and people have responded really well to it. Bring a crew down and see how many you can eat.”

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

Can you handle any more foodie news from Val’s? Well, I’ve got two more pieces of news that you should be psyched to hear about…

“Blair was a proper dessert chef in a former life and has just started making his own creations now that he has settled in; the Caramilk and Passionfruit Cheesecake was yum! We’ll also be doing a lot more collab pizza specials with other local chefs and hospo legends; wait until you try the Mayfield West Charcoal Chicken HSPizza special!”

valeries pizza parlour hunter st newcastle

Aesthetically, the space is still vibing with its signature green and pink colours, but now with a brand-new mural by friend and talented artist, Lucas Grogan.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Make your way to Hunter St and get around this unique and slowly becoming a bit of an iconic venue, Valerie’s Pizza Parlour to enjoy all that pizza goodness!

Valerie's Pizza Parlour

87-89 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

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