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Onyx Espresso Bar

Mayfield's little Espresso Bar with some big Cronuts!

To start with these ladies are funny and there isn’t anything they can’t do, just ask Kathy about her angle grinder. 

Best described as a passion project when Kathy (Leya’s mum) decided to make the sea change to Newcastle from Sydney. The crafty duo decided it was about time that they combined their talents and build themselves a homely little café full of tasty food and quality coffee.


How would you describe The Onyx Menu?
Kathy: A lot of the menu is homemade. The gourmet toasties and the build your own breakies are what the people like. So with the build your own breakies you can have fried or scrambled eggs and then you can add to it so you have the choice of whatever you want, not just a set thing. You can add things like smoked salmon, medley of tomatoes, pesto, chutney and bacon.

Leya: Everything is homemade as much as it can be like the thousand island dressing and pesto, hummus, the soups and beans are all homemade, we really try not to serve anything in that isn't homemade. Mum mostly does it all from scratch.

Kathy: The original idea for the café was to evoke a cosy homely feel, we wanted people to feel that it was a friendly warm place to go. It’s also so small that it seems that when people come here they have a chat to someone they don’t even know which is really nice. 


There’s also the ham and cheese toasties, and pastries for those that are on the run. We also try and offer a vegan option, vegan toastie or bruschetta and soups, we're always trying to offer something new. 

Those pastries!
We don’t make our own pastries but we’ve been pretty picky in who we’ve selected to supply, we wanted to be known as that place where you can pick up a really good quality pastry. Especially the cronuts, they're our thing, they weren't really being done in Newcastle so we wanted to do them really well. We sometimes decorate them ourselves and go a little nuts. 

The coffee?
We serve Glee and love working with them. Being a family run business and apart from really liking the coffee, they come and deliver the coffee so we can talk to them about the beans and the machine.


Who’s behind the interiors?
Kathy: We sourced all of it ourselves Leya's Dad helped with a lot of the fit-out. We wanted that cosy homely feel, for that reason we stayed away from the whites, we wanted people to feel comfortable, and I think the menu also reflects that.

Leya: I shopped around a fair bit to find all the right pieces like the pressed metal bench display from the Downer Centre in Sydney. Pretty much all of the furniture is second hand but we did splurge on the Crow & Co cabinet, it's just beautiful. 


Onyx Espresso Bar

191 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304

Today - 0600 - 1400