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The Nags Head Hotel

Newcastle is home to the best Steak Sanga in NSW!

It’s a trusted favourite on all pub menus, and whilst simple on paper, the steak sandwich has many elements that need to work together for it to be a winner. 

And when you drop into The Nag’s Head Hotel in Adamstown a winner is exactly what you’ll find with the team awarded the title of 'Best Steak Sandwich' at the 2022 NSW AHA Awards. 

the nags head hotel best steak sandwich nsw newcastle

No mean feat, Best Steak Sandwich is a hotly contested category, however after dropping in for a taste it’s easy to see why. 

Speaking with Head Chef Scott Sneyd, he chatted us through his steak sandwich making process and what set them apart from the rest of the pubs in the state. 

“The award is broken down into criteria like; quality of produce and components of the steak sandwich, presentation, bread/bun texture and the sandwiches’ appearance”

“The judges are also looking at the price point, they want to see that it’s good value for the community you’re in.” 

Nag’s Head Part Owner & Manager Adam Rummery also explained, “The quality of the establishment is also assessed, you can have an amazing steak sandwich, but if your venue isn't up to scratch you’re not going to win it.” 

So what sets The Nag's steak sandwich apart from the rest? Scott explained,

“I haven’t recreated the wheel, it’s still a simple sandwich, but every element has been given a bit of a zhuzh up and all the elements complement each other.”

Dissecting the sandwich a little further some of the stand out features include the aioli black pepper and worcester sauce, which marry well with steak. There is of course the beer onions, cooked in the classic beer on the barbie method, and then there is the bread which Scott explains further, 

“Instead of using Turkish bread we went with sourdough, but we found it to be a bit dry so we made a garlic and herb butter, and the sourdough is seared on the grill first with a light covering of the butter. So it’s still soft and pliable but still maintains the moisture of the sandwich, it doesn’t damage the integrity of the sandwich.”

Each sandwich comes with 150 grams of tenderised rump, helping to avoid the shrinkage factor, and ensuring they tick the meat-to-bun ratio criteria. 

Whilst there's loads of flavours going on, in one bite you can taste each element, without the steak being lost along the way. The tenderness of the meat is exceptional and ensures an easy biting-into experience, and best yet, it doesn’t fall apart!

Available at lunch and dinner it's a winner of a dish and one you'd go out of your way to try.

The Nags Head Hotel

272 Brunker Road, Adamstown, NSW, 2289

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