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10 beer gardens that are perfect for outdoor drinking in Newcastle

What is it about the beer gardens that we love so much?

Is it the sitting outside in the fresh air? The shared tables? The atmosphere? The leafy greenery and festoon lighting? Whatever it is, it brings a different edge to your afternoon or night out.

After a long day at the beach the hunt for the right beer garden begins. From the big and boisterous to the more boutique here's our list of 10 beer gardens in Newcastle if you love a bit of outdoorsy drinking.  

Hotel Jesmond
Where: 182 Newcastle Rd, Jesmond
It has been a huge year of hefty reno’s but we’re excited to announce that the entire Hotel Jesmond has had its final touches and is officially open for everyone. The dedicated Bistro area is perfect for that mid-week feed or birthday celebration. Sports fans you'll be pleased to know there's a whole area dedicated to you.

The semi-outdoor beer garden is so inviting with one of the most impressive greenery spaces I’ve ever seen in a pub. Think Palm Springs meets Melbourne, making it the perfect spot it sit back with a bevvy in hand with a group of mates, enjoy the live sport or try your hand at a game of pool.

The Burwood Inn
Where: 77 Berner St, Merewether
Whilst smaller than most, the Burwood’s beer garden has a slightly more sophisticated feel to it with a beautifully constructed garden canopy and an award-winning menu to complement.

Greenroof Hotel
Where: 71 Tudor St, Hamilton
Created with a party vibe in mind this Hamilton hotel knows how to create a fun outdoor drinking space that's been used for so many different purposes including outdoor cinema and markets.

Royal Crown Hotel
Where: 94 Ocean St, Dudley
Relaxed and easy going this much loved Dudley pub has a fab beer garden space that is much loved by families and those who enjoy a beer under the stars.

The Lucky
Where: 237 Hunter St, Newcastle
Whilst it’s technically inside and comes with a roof The Lucky have been able to create a beer garden vibe. Whilst it’s technically inside and comes with a roof The Lucky have been able to create a beer garden vibe.

The Lass O’Gowrie
Where: 14 Railway St, Wickham
Known for its quirky music scene, The Lass has become an institution among Newcastle locals. Enjoying some bevies in the spacious beer garden can feel more like you’re catching up with friends in a mate’s backyard.

Sydney Junction Hotel
Where: 8 Beaumont St, Hamilton

Complete with wooden picnic tables, beer garden bar and retractable roof which means rain, hail or shine you can enjoy alfresco drinking and dining. The festoon lights and umbrellas bring a breezy vibe that makes for the ideal space to get social.

The Maryville Tavern
Where: 71 Lewis St, Maryville
Whilst there's a roof there's nothing indoor about this beer garden. There's loads of room to get social in and with an awesome menu it makes for the perfect place to have a couple of beers.

Customs House
Where: 1 Bond St, Newcastle
Right on the famous Newcastle foreshore customs is your perfect outdoor scene for a few bevies. Lounge on the day beds or sit under the umbrellas next to the fountain and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and views of Newcastle Harbour.

The Commonwealth Hotel
Where: 35 Union St, Cooks Hill
Built in 1880, this place is still thriving with life. Their stunning beer garden is sure to make you feel right at home whether you’re enjoying a few drinks with mates or dining out with the family.

Hotel Jesmond

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