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It’s a bao to get messy - these are our favourite dumpling places in Newcastle

*Warning: the following content may lead to uncontrollable drooling and sudden cravings for steamed delicacies.*

Newcastle is home to some of the most authentic Xiao Long Baos, the succulent juicy fillings wrapped in a handmade dough are always worth feeling a bit snug in your jeans for.

Whether they are boiled, steamed or pan-fried, these are some of our go-to restaurants:

New Shanghai, Charlestown

Located in the South Piazza of Charlestown Square with an extensive menu, dumpling station window and traditional atmosphere.

Expect (205) Pot Stickers to hit the spot, these pan-fried dumplings sell for (8pcs) for $14.50.

Free dumplings are available on your birthday and pre-packaged freezer dumplings can also be bought to cook from home!

Dumpling Story, Hamilton

Since opening in 2015, the Dumpling House in Hamilton is a local favourite situated just off Beaumont Street on Cleary Road. As an ideal place for dine-in or for a quick takeaway, we recommend the classic, (004) Xiao Long Bao-Steamed Pork Dumplings (8pcs) for $9.8.

Mr Rice, Cooks Hill

From the same owners of Naka Noodle on Beaumont Street, Mr Rice is for very traditional Chinese food lovers. Featuring stunning wall artwork and a friendly team of staff, be tempted by the Zhong Dumplings (vegetarian/meat) (12pcs) for $13.9.

mr rice cooks hill dumplings

Eight Buns, Hamilton

In a stylish and simplistically designed gem on Beaumont, this one is a must! Ask for the Steamed Prawn or Vegetarian Dumplings (6pcs) for $6.80 then expand your horizons with the chef recommendation of Sweet and Spicy Boiled Pork Dumpling (6 pcs) for $8.80.

eight buns hamilton dumplings

Dumpling Flavour, Cooks Hill

Situated on the highly popular Darby Street, Dumpling Flavour often introduces new menu items such as their Nanjing Steamed Roast Duck and Pork Dumplings to keep their loyal customers coming back.

Try the OGs of Xiao Long Bao (meat or vegetarian) (8pcs) for $11.80 with 15% dine-in or takeaway orders. Those wanting to enjoy these from their favourite spot on the lounge can also order from UberEats, Deliveroo, Menulog or Door Dash.

Franky’s Dumplings & Noodles, Carrington

Selling handmade noodles and ‘life-changing’ dumplings, this venue often showcases live music of local artists to appreciate with every mouth-watering bite. We recommend their Pork and Fermented Vegetables Dumplings or Tofu, Mushroom, Wombok and Rice Noodle Dumplings for varying prices, such as $18 for 8.

frankys dumplings carrington

Kai Dumpling Restaurant, Marketown

With a newly crafted name and an enticing restaurant, prepare to be transported to Sichuan, China. This place puts Marketown on the map with the same owners of Dumpling Land, try the best of all worlds with the Mixed Dumplings (10pcs) for $14.5.

Lee’s Yum Cha, Charlestown

Located on the Corner of Charlestown Square and brought to you by the owners of Dumpling Story. This big venue caters for all your Chinese cravings including the soul-satisfying hot Chinese Tea.

lees kitchen charlestown dumpling yum cha

As a great place for groups, try the Shanghai Style Steamed Soup Pork Dumplings (4pcs) for $6.80 or go wild with the Deep Fried Salty Dumplings (3pcs) for $7.80.

Hong Kong Chef, Kotara

Located on the Rooftop of Westfield Kotara, Hong Kong Chef offers traditional Yum Cha to relish in amongst a fun atmosphere.

Go for the Steamed Pork & Chive Dumplings (8pcs) for $10.80 or for something else to excite the tastebuds try (22) Prawn & Pork Wontons with Chilli Oil Peanut Sesame Sauce for $14.

So, when are you getting your next dumpling fix?