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Christopher Schofield and the team have launched a new menu in time for the social season

Christopher Schofield and the team at Nagisa has been working overtime in the kitchen to bring to you their latest menu, just in time for the social season.

Renowned for their fresh sashimi and sushi, Nagisa's new menu is all of that and more with some surprising additions playing to Nagisa’s contemporary approach to Japanese cuisine.

For regulars to Nagisa there are of course the dishes that you know and love, and never disappoint such as the Hiramasa Kingfish Carpaccio, Gyoza, and the always fresh Sashimi.

New to the menu are a collective of flavorsome dishes that will send your palate into overdrive starting with the Sweet Soy Duck Breast with Black Rice and the Pickled Radish Salad which came with a surprising pop of seaweed flavor.

Whilst the Sydney Rock oysters may not be new, there are some new flavours for you to try with the Lychee Wasabi Granita being a stand out as was the Ponzu, Pickled Onion and Lemon Myrtle.

For those with plant-based preferences, you'll be ecstatic to hear that some of the most exceptional dishes on the menu are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. The Nasu Nibitashi, braised Japanese eggplant in a ginger soy broth with daikon and chives was without a doubt a dining highlight.

Another vegetarian highlight was, as the name suggests, the Chilled Silken Tofu marinated in yuzu, which literally melts in your mouth and is complemented perfectly with heirloom tomato salad, jalapeno, and soy ginger dressing.

Nagisa’s reputation as one of Newcastle’s best seafood restaurants remains firmly in position however it is being challenged by some stand-out meat dishes which have been added into the menu mix.

Starting with the Barrowdale Pork Loin Katsu. The 250g free-range pork loin comes in a miso panko crumb and yuzu cucumber offering a succulent crunch and some serious flavour.

As does the Slow Cooked Sweet Black Miso Rib that’s been glazed in hatcho miso black sugar and is accompanied with pickled onion.

The rich, spongy flavours of the Sake Roasted Bone Marrow is another menu must try for those who love a hint of wasabi and green tomato salsa.

For those who appreciate the robust and rich flavours of Wagyu meat, the Hunter Valley's Binnie Beef Wagyu MBS9+Striploin is a menu must. The 150grams of 9+ Marble Score Wagyu Striploin is reflective of the breeding from the worlds finest wagyu genetics right hear in the Hunter Valley. Paired with wasabi butter, poached asparagus, yuzu mustard and a surprising mix of Shiraz infused salt it's an extraordinary dining experience.

Opening the doors in 2004 the Nagisa team have consistently delivered the perfect fusion of traditional Japanese food with loads of contemporary attitude. A dining experience at Nagisa wouldn't be complete without dabbling in their extraordinary drinks menu that is as extensive as it is interesting. Choose from rare Japanese craft beers, whisky and sake, or order yourself wine of their perfectly prepared cocktails all while taking in the happenings of Newcastle's harbour.