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Mrs Jones

Have you sampled Carrington’s oyster bar yet?

Newcastle has long been a haven for seafood lovers, and with the addition of Mrs Jones Oyster Bar arriving in the charming suburb of Carrington earlier this year, Novocastrians have another reason to get out and sample our never-ending selection of seafood eateries.

Located along the main strip of Young Street, right next door to Franky’s Dumplings & Noodles, the family-run business offers a casual eatery setting perfect for those lazy summer afternoons.

mrs jones oyster bar carrington newcastle nsw

The seafood-centric menu is brimming with oceanic delights and is the go-to spot for those seafood aficionados around town. The menu boasts a collection of fish, rolls, and burgers, with the Prawn Roll with fresh prawns, chopped lettuce, and your choice of dill mayo or seafood sauce with a side of sea salt crisps, and the fresh beer battered Whiting & Chips our two top picks.

Now onto the stars of the show – the oysters!

As the name suggests, oysters are the venue’s specialty, and they take centre stage on the menu. Whether you prefer them natural, dressed in zesty mignonette, or baked to perfection, Mrs. Jones Oyster Bar offers a grand selection.

Get your hands on Natural oysters sourced directly from Port Stephens’ Holbert Oysters and served as is, or Kilpatrick with traditional Worcestershire sauce and topped with chopped bacon cooked in the combi oven.

Taste test the Herb Crumbed oysters that come complete with herbed butter sprinkled with breadcrumbs; the Ginger, Soy, and Wasabi oysters, topped with marinated ginger and shallots in a soy and wasabi sauce; the Tequila, Chilli, and Shallot oysters with marinated chilli and shallots in 1800 silver tequila.

The menu continues with the Horseradish Cream oysters with a dollop of Mrs Jones’ personal horseradish cream recipe; Mignonette oysters with minced shallots marinated in Italian white wine vinegar; and lucky last, fresh Beer Battered oysters with Holbert’s seafood sauce.

mrs jones oyster bar carrington newcastle nsw

The BYO venue is located right next door to the bottle shop, making for an easy dinner option that will no doubt be incredibly popular as we move into the warmer months.

If you’re seeking to indulge in a seafood experience, drop by Mrs Jones Oyster Bar in Carrington for a casual feed.