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Mega Gyros

Whatever you do, don't call it a Kebab

You won’t find a friendlier place around town serving fresh, authentic and downright delicious Greek food as Mega Gyros in Charlestown.

Run by Jamie, his positive and larger than life demeanour shines through in every inch of the store. Whether you’re looking for a feed that is going to satisfy more than the McDonalds across the road, a place to dine in with a bottle of wine (they’re BYO) or somewhere to take your family out for a meal, Mega Gyros has you covered; and with their one year anniversary fast approaching, you can be sure there will be one hell of a party.
Aside from providing top-notch food, the store is a safe haven for children having a tougher time at home. Proudly displaying the FACAA (Fighting Against Child Abuse Australia) logo on the front door, Jamie is always happy to have a chat with anyone needing support.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a store in Sydney should you ever find yourself in the city hanging for a good feed, if there’s any key message to take away from this piece, it’s that a kebab and a gyros are most certainly not the same thing.. 

Tell us about your background, how you became involved in food and the creation of Mega Gyros.
Jamie: I’m one of five boys and my Mum was a cooking and sewing teacher, so we all learnt to cook and sew. I became a diesel fitter and worked 26 years in the mines fixing earth-moving gear. Then I got married to a Greek girl and her family have gyros stores in Athens and IOS and moved out here about eight or nine years ago and opened up a shop in Sydney.

They said, “you should do this, you’ve got the personality for it”, but I thought, “nah I’m a diesel fitter”. I eventually got to a point in the mines where I’d just had enough and thought maybe I will do something different. So we looked around for a place and found this by accident. We went to Greece last year and we designed the store based on my father-in-law’s little village in Crete, and then we opened up, and it’s been a happy day every day since.

Tell us a bit about the menu.
Jamie: We have chicken, lamb and pork for the gyros meat. Then we have some Souvlaki, which we make in house, by hand. You can have a Pita or have a Merida plate, which has a bit of everything on it. Then we’ve got Souvlaki plates and kids packs. We also have vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. Then there’s home made desserts and they seem quite popular. My wife makes them and then her mother tests them out and makes sure they’re staying good. Overall, we have value for money, for ten bucks you’re gunna get a good feed.

What experience are you hoping a customer has when they come to Mega Gyros?
Jamie: I want them to feel like they’re at home, not like no one cares. Because when you go to a shop and no one knows you’re there, it does your head in, or going to a takeaway shop and having to wait to long to get your food. So on Friday and Saturday nights I go very staff heavy so the wait is nearly none. The line could be 10 or 15 people deep and the wait will only be 10 to 15 minutes. Then I just want them to enjoy the food. It’s fresh, it’s something new and everyone is starting to learn how to say Gyros (haha).

Mega Gyros

2/158 Pacific Highway, Charlestown NSW 2290

Today - 1100 - 1800