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High Tea but with a PM timeslot

What's a Low Tea you ask?

It's kind of like a High Tea but with a PM timeslot, but not to be confused with the Afternoon Tea of course. The Low Tea is all about getting you through that mid-afternoon slump, just in a much classier way than reaching for that trusty ol' choccy bar and can of soda.

A Low Tea might sound all new and fancy but the concept actually goes way back to the early 1800's with the Duchess of Bedfordshire who, like the rest of us, suffered terribly from that mid-afternoon slump.

In order to avoid this intolerable part of the day the Duchess began taking a light meal of tea, sandwiches and cake which quickly evolved into something way more social inviting all her besties over to beat the slump together. Before long the Low Tea concept spread across the country and now, finally, it's arrived on Darby St.

Whilst the Duchess' menu sounded tasty, we think The Tea Collective's version is way more interesting. Becci and the team have created three tiers of scrumptiousness starting with those perfectly constructed sandwiches, followed by some deliciously plump dumplings and those handmade scones served with rosewater, strawberry or ginger jam.

Your Low Tea will of course be complemented with a cup of traditional black tea or champagne, should that be your preferred beverage of choice. 

For those of you who haven't experienced The Tea Collective you'll find this gorgeous space and its more than 100 teas above The Autumn Rooms on Darby St. Owner Becci Fowler is all about crafting the perfect cup balancing in equal parts its four key elements; the water, the tea, the temperature and the time.

On your visit be sure to check out the incredible range of teapots, tea wares, personalised gift packs, chai and matcha sets. You can also get that special person in your life a gift voucher so they can choose their own tea flavour.

The Tea Collective

127 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

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