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Lotus Express

Pho, banh mi & vietnamese coffee at Marketown

Noticing the gap in the market for authentic, traditional Vietnamese street food, owner Jennie Truong jumped on the opportunity and has been flat out since opening day.  

The name, Lotus Express, with Lotus referring to her Asian roots and express ensuring you know that your dish will be fast and fresh.

The typical Vietnamese favourites are on the menu with the likes of their pho, banh mi and the Viet coffee topping our personal favourites list.

Lotus Express

What is Viet coffee you ask? 

“Vietnamese coffee is made through a drip, so it’s a very slow process…You mix it with condensed milk and it gives you that extra sweet and creamy flavour.”

The menu is chockablock with some serious flavour and take it from me; go easy on the chillies!

Lotus Express

Ultimately, if you’re after an authentic Vietnamese meal, the Lotus Express menu is sure to keep your taste buds tantalised.

“The recipes are standard but sometimes we’ll have a weekly special…sometimes, if I feel creative or if there’s a need for something different. A few weeks ago, we had a chicken and corn soup.”

Lotus Express will set you right with their full menu of traditional Vietnamese street eats.

Lotus Express