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Lost Boys Kebab

Brought to you by The Cambridge and Joel Humphreys

Who doesn’t love a Kebab?! We’re talking about the ones wrapped in foil that you’ve most likely chowed down on at the end of a big night out or the morning after.

For kebab lovers, however, any time’s a good time and now there’s a new place in town that you can get your kebab fix from.

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

Lost Boys Kebab, brought to you by Joel Humphreys and the team at The Cambridge, has been a long time coming, however, it wasn’t until Covid had us in lockdown that the idea fully came together as Joel explained,

“Since returning from the UK and living in East London, I spent most of my weekends and days off eating in Ocakbasi and local Mangals and just absolutely fell in love with Turkish food."

“But it wasn't until when I came back to Newcastle that the seed was planted that I would love to do a simple Ocakbasi Ciq. I love that style of food, but I wanted to make it a little bit different, fresher, healthy, and a bit fun.”

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

Whilst it may have seemed a little crazy to start planning a new food business while we were all in lockdown, for Joel it made perfect sense and the timing was perfect.

“Through Covid not knowing how restaurants were going to come back and whether we would be able to sit in dining rooms, I thought what better time to do this. So I met with Moe (owner of The Cambridge) and at the time we were talking about a different venue but when I pitched this concept and he was like what about the Cambridge? and then it all went from there”.

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

While the kebabs are the star of the show the menu offers a number of different options to suit your social needs. The Rice Bowls provide something substantial while the Snack Menu is designed for starters or if you prefer your social catch-ups to be all about sitting down and grazing all night long.

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

Joel explains that the whole idea behind Lost Boys Kebab is that it's easy to understand, available for everyone to enjoy, and for those with a sweet tooth a must-do on the dessert go-to list.

Joel’s installed a rather large soft serve machine that pumps out some incredible flavours with Joel describing his desserts more on the savoury side of things,

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

“I’ve got a strawberry and liquorice number, which has salted black olives mixed through it. I also have a kumquat flavour that has lots of anise and fresh lemon thyme in there and the other soft-serve plays on the flavours of a snickers bar.”

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

“I am also doing a deep friend banana and caramel pie, which is rolled in roti bread with Dulche de Leche, the Spanish caramel sauce, and mixed with bananas and then deep fried until crispy and finished with nutmeg sugar. It’s pretty delicious.”

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

If you’re wondering why the name Joel Humpheys sounds familiar it most likely either from a visit to Scotties, where he continues on as the Chef de cuisine, or one of the amazing restaurants that Joel has on his impressive resume, but being the down-to-earth kind of guy that he is he doesn’t like to bang on about it.

When asked about the name and the awesome art that has been installed at The Cambridge Joel explains,

“My brother drew the original design on the back of a napkin so I gave it to the Newcastle artist Kwaku who The Cambridge works with, and he made it look like an adult did it [laughs]. It’s awesome, I am really happy with how it all came together.”

lost boys kebabs restaurant newcastle

And Lost Boys, is there a meaning behind this?

“Lost Boys represents a time period in my life where I was carefree and you’ve really got nothing to worry about, but at the time you think the world and life are so hard, it’s only when you look back and realise that life was pretty good, all I had to do was skateboard and get up and go to work [laughs]. So this is where the concept of the venue comes from, just being fun and easy to understand.”