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Is This Newcastle’s Most Interesting Craft Beer Menu?

Warning: this article contains no mention of Australia Craft Beer.

We all know about Nagisa, it's become the go-to for authentic Japanese cuisine. The team take their food flavours and presentation seriously and are always willing to push the menu boundaries. And we love that Teppanyaki table!

What you may not know is they also take their drinks very seriously. Craft beer drinks that is.

It may not be the biggest craft beer menu in Newcastle but it’s definitely one of the most interesting with some 22 Japanese craft beers on rotation at any one time.

Why is this so?

Japan’s craft beer scene has been booming since the mid 90’s when artisanal craft breweries started popping up all over the country. Now the seventh largest beer producer in the world it makes sense that beer is the most popular beverage of choice for the Japanese.

A regular visitor to Japan, Nagisa owner Taiyo was keen to share the craft beer scene with his patrons, selecting some of the country’s best to share with you.

Interested to know a little bit more about the Nagisa craft beer menu we asked Taiyo a couple of quick questions...

When did you last visit Japan?
I was in Japan just a couple of months ago.

Did you check out any craft breweries whilst you were there?
I didn’t have a chance to get to the breweries this particular time but I made up for it all by visiting the Tokyo Beer Fes where one can try over 100 different types of craft beer. It’s a craft beer lovers heaven!

What made you want to have such a big selection of beers at Nagisa?
Nagisa has always been about bringing new flavours to Novocastrians and expanding their range of choices. With that in mind, I wanted to make Nagisa the hub for Japanese craft beer in the region, so I’ve brought in what I think are the best examples of Japanese craft beer today.

How often do you change the menu up?
Much depends on the suppliers but we endeavour to change the menu up every six months.

Are these beers quite unique to Nagisa?
You might find one or two of them in other places, but only at Nagisa will you find such a wide variety.

For someone not across the Japanese craft beer scene is there a beer you would recommend they start with?
A great starter for those unaccustomed to Japanese craft beer is Baird Brewery’s Rising Sun Pale Ale. It’s easy to drink with just the right amount of flavour to whet the appetite. For the more adventurous, I’d suggest trying Hitachino’s Red Rice Ale which is a stronger Pale Ale, or Coedo’s Beniaka – an imperial lager made from sweet potatoes. These are beers our regular customers come back for again and again.