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Healthy, gluten free, dairy free and enjoyable Mexican style food

When someone says take-away food, the mind doesn’t usually go to vegan, gluten free, dairy free and healthy, nutritional options. Zambrero is changing the game on this front and it’s happening right here in Newcastle.

Zambrero has always been a more non-traditional form of take-away eating, having always had healthy options available to their customers. But as it became more apparent that there was a calling for take-away gluten and dairy free dining, especially somewhere as progressive as Newcastle, more alternatives began to be incorporated in to the menu to open the eatery up to a wider audience and give more people the option to enjoy the delicious, Mexican style, take-away food without compromising their dietary values.

zambrero newcastle healthy vegan dairy free gluten free

The demographic for this type of eating in Newcastle is growing each year and as Liam Benson, owner of Zambrero Hamilton, Kotara and Cessnock says,

“Zambrero complements Newcastle well, Newcastle people in general are very health conscious and are open to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free foods.”

Small changes that can be made to a recipe that leads to more people being able to enjoy it is constantly at the forefront of the mind at Zambrero. Sauce recipes have been tweaked to allow consumption from those who are dairy and gluten free –Zambrero’s BBQ sauce is their only sauce containing gluten. Everything else is a free-for-all, coeliacs! 

“It’s funny when coeliacs ask what they can order, the answer is pretty much you can have whatever you like –tacos, nachos, burritos, they can have them all.”

For the vegan/lactose intolerant Novocastrians, the spiced cauliflower mix is the meat replacement you’ve been waiting for. No more fake mince to go along with your Mexican beans, Zambreo’s spiced cauliflower is a low-carb, high fibre game changer. As well as this, you can count on Zambrero’s vegan cheese and sour cream to be the cherry on top of your already delicious meal and the thing that keeps you coming back.

“Lactose intolerant people are able to order nachos that’s completely lactose free, with cheese that melts in front of them.”

As someone who has trialled their fair share of vegan cheeses, I can attest that Zambrero’s is up there with one of the best you’ll find in Newy.

Now, you’ve heard of a their regular burrito, you’ve heard of their small burrito, but have you heard of Zambreo’s Power Burrito? Packed with 50% more filling (and 50% more goodness) the Power Burrito will keep you going all day long. Filled with your choice of protein and salads and jam packed with superfoods including spirulina and amaranth seeds, you’ll be hitting almost all your daily health targets in just one meal. It’s gluten free, it can easily be made vegan or dairy free, it’s filling, it’s affordable, it’s bloody tasty and it’s good for you. You couldn’t ask for much more in a meal if you ask me.

Popular with students who are looking for ways to eat more nutritional meals and not spend a fortune, as well as with gym goers hitting their meal targets, the Power Burrito is sure to leave anyone satisfied.

Zambrero aren’t afraid of change or to move with the times and are constantly making themselves aware, as a business, of their ability to evoke change within their community and beyond. Their Plate4Plate campaign means you’re eating good food and doing good at the same time. New meals are on their way soon to further this opportunity to the local community. Keep your eyes out for nourish bowls and new salads landing at Zambrero soon.