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Fukusui Japanese Restaurant

Discover Lake Macquarie’s long standing teppanyaki restaurant

Along Warners Bay’s esplanade, sits an unassuming Japanese restaurant that is fun for everyone, and a unique dining experience.

The restaurant we’re referring to has resided in The Esplanade Hotel for over 20 years – Fukusui Japanese Restaurant.

Unless you’re really looking for it, the venue is mostly unseen from the main road, not to mention the signage which is barely visible, but once you’ve dined, you’ll know it was worth the hard work of discovery.

After walking through The Esplanade Motel’s car park, past the accommodation, and upstairs, you’re welcomed into a well-hidden gem that offers some of the best sunset views in Warners Bay.

The venue is split into two: the bar side (we’ll get to the drink offering in a minute), and the teppanyaki stations – that’s where the magic really happens. The interiors themselves are no-frills, with fluorescent lighting and old-school dining furniture, and the walls are adorned with Warners Bay memorabilia.

As you step in, you’ll be greeted and seated at your corresponding Teppanyaki Station and given the choice between three Teppanyaki Courses, or an A La Carte experience. Our opinion? Just go straight for the teppanyaki – it’s what makes the Fukusui experience.

Choose from Osaka ($42pp), Fuji ($47pp), or Fukusui ($54pp). The Osaka is the base offering, and includes Crispy Fresh Salad and Miso Soup to start. For the mains, you’re offered the choice of either Fresh Prawns, Fish Fillet, and Fresh Squid or Chicken Teriyaki and Tenderloin Steak, all followed by Fried Rice and Pan-fried Vegetables.

The Osaka is your basic choice if you’re either not a seafood fan and want to stick to chicken and steak, or prefer to just have your seafood fix.

The Fuji selection is everything offered in Osaka, including the seafood, chicken, and steak as well as assorted appetisers added to your starters.

Moving up from Fuji, the Fukusui course again offers all the inclusions from Fuji but with addition of Japanese Plum Wine to start and Scallops in your mains.

Now we’ve got the menu out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff.

Your Teppanyaki Chef will slowly start bringing out your ordered goods and begin heating up the hot grill. Before long, you’re welcomed with dinner and a show as your first round of seafood is served up before you.

The mix of spices and sauces add flavour to each protein, and each serving is hot off the grill as it’s cooked before your eyes.

Not only is the chef skilled at cooking and serving up tasty food, but he’s also likely to enjoy some light banter with you, making for a great night out (especially if enjoying a wine or two).  

If you’re down to potentially getting a little food on you (depending how skilled you are), pop your hand up to take part in some prep with the chef as you volunteer to catch an egg in a cup or some cooked fried rice in your mouth.

Good food paired with absolute skill and a touch of showmanship is what makes the night so enjoyable.

If you’ve never experienced teppanyaki before and are looking for a fun and interactive night out, Fukusui is a must. 

Fukusui Japanese Restaurant

568 The Esplanade, Warners Bay, NSW, 2282

Today - 1730 - 2130