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Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

The traditional art of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles lives on in Carrington

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Moving into the ole Antojitos spot in Carrington in October 2018, Franky has been continuing to wow visitors with his insane noodle moves.

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

If you’ve ever stopped and taken notice, or know the story of Lan Zhou noodles, you’ll understand that there are years of training and some serious skill required to make these noodles. Lan Zhou hand-pulled noodles are not your average noodle dish.

Watching Franky make the noodles is an art in itself, often drawing a crowd keen to watch him throw, twist, pull and cut his noodles with absolute precision. There's a long history that comes with the Lan Zhou Beef Noodles and respect to ensure the tradition is withheld, something Franky takes very seriously. 
Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

Then there are the flavours...

Taking its name from the Lanzhou province in northern China the rich bone broth, braised melt-in-your-mouth beef, daikon radish, and coriander dish is simple yet incredibly delicious.

Franky also offers a vegan broth with pan-fried tofu and mushrooms and be sure to ask what the daily special is, you won’t be disappointed!

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

If dumplings are more your thing, Franky’s are life-changing and have you covered with a range of flavours; pork, chicken & tofu. As well as crunchy springs rolls and if you’re feeling indulgent some deep-fried ice-cream.

Get the gang together on a weeknight or head over to Franky’s Lanzhou Noodles on a Saturday evening to enjoy live music. You could even call into the bottle-o next door to pick-up a few sneaky BYO bevvies!

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

So, head along to try Newcastle’s only spot for hand-made noodles, life-changing dumplings, spring rolls, and deep-fried ice-cream!

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles


Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

87 Young Street, Carrington NSW 2294

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