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Overlooking Newcastle Beach this cafe has it all

Estabar needs little introduction. Even if you're new to Newcastle, chances are that your list of coffee must-visits will include that café opposite Newcastle Beach.

For regulars you’re most likely all across owner Bec and her team's business ethos, with Bec explaining,

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Estabar, which is not obvious but it’s important to talk about it as we really do live our values.”
estabar cafe newcastle nsw

Every aspect of the Estabar experience has been carefully thought out, from the quality coffee and delicious eats to the locally sourced wall art and outdoor umbrellas, which were painted by staff member Lucy.

"We’re really clear on what our values are and thoughtful about everything we choose so as to have a strong understanding of the back story of how that produce impacts its environment and its community."

In addition to the always tasty and evolving menu, Bec explains a new addition to the café has really taken off this year,

estabar cafe newcastle beach

“An enormous part of our business has become our takeaway corner shop, these products help make ordinary meals extraordinary. Basically what we did was get all of our suppliers and made their products available.”

Some of these include James and Rose and their range of absolutely delicious relish recipes. You’ll also find Urban Hum honey, Mrs Ritters seasonal jams, Just Been Laid eggs, Wollombi Olives and Baked Uprising bread which is delivered fresh daily. Bec and the team also make their own almond milk which they source from down on the Riverine. The sweet stuff is delivered by Covered In Crumbs and the cheese is from Hunter Belle.

estabar cafe newcastle nsw

Everything stocked at Estabar is local, or as local as possible, with Bec explaining,

“We source our milk from Dubbo’s Big Little Dairy Co. We love working with them and happy to pay more because we support the future in food and those guys are bucking the system so they can actually support their family, manage their environment, take care of their cows and have a sustainable business future. We also pay more so we can have our milk delivered in the 10 litre bladders which allows us to save over 6,000 milk bottles going to landfill each year.

estabar cafe newcastle beach

“We also bottle our own muesli and dukkah, our juice is made by Maggie from Fresh Fusion. Maggie works with cancer patients and people recovering from illnesses, as well as the Knights and the Jets, and creates juices which help them to recover from their physical efforts and build immunity.”

“Everything is really well sourced and we don’t follow trends we just follow the seasons and what’s coming on locally.”

estbar cafe newcastle nsw

The latest change up to Estabar has taken place in their gelato fridge with Bec and the team taking on the challenge of making their very own gelato flavours.

Estabars has for as long as we can remember supplied some of the best gelato in town, but with Bec wanting to serve only really seasonal and local gelato the challenge was put to the team.

“We’re not your classic icecream shop where you’re going to get your choc-mint, bubblegum flavours. Our gelatos really speak to the people who share our values in that it’s a real exploration of the seasons.”

estabar cafe newcastle nsw

Sourcing their flavor inspiration from the seasonal fruits Bec explains,

“Each week we go to the Farmers Market and think what have we got, then plug it into the brains trust in the kitchen as well as the whole team and the ideas come together, and because we’re so nimble and we only have four flavours, it’s totally achievable.”

“The chocolate and vanilla are made using cream and milk from the Little Big Dairy Co., and they're the basics and will always be on the menu. The other two flavours are what we have fun with.”

“We’ve had a heap of fun creating the gelatos, our team is really involved in the process. We make decisions together, they pitch and test the ideas, they pretty much boss me around.”

estabar cafe newcastle beach

So if you're one of the few that haven't experienced Estabar yet, perhaps today is the day that you should drop in for a coffee, a bite to eat or some gelato and soak up some of that fresh sea air from Newcastle Beach.

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