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From pubs to restaurants, here's your go-to guide for finding the perfect vegan dinner in Newcastle.

Being the vegan of the group often leaves the choice of where to go for dinner on your shoulders –I know, I know, you’re not a picky eater, you’re just highly selective! Here are a few places in Newcastle that’ll tickle the tastebuds of both you and your non-vegan friends, brought to you by a fellow plant eater.  

If you haven’t stopped by Newcastle’s only completely vegan Italian restaurant by now, you’re doing yourself a disservice. With a menu that changes regularly, a night at Pinos will never disappoint. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for any of their signature creamy pasta sauces. So cheesy, that if you aren’t vegan it may just be the thing that turns you. Pinos has always offered their entire menu in takeaway form and have just started delivering locally in Newcastle. A night of vegan Italian at home on the lounge? Yes, please.

Where: 98 Maitland Rd, Islington NSW 2296

Bella Italia
Serving genuine Italian soul food in the heart of Newcastle, Bella Italia’s extensive vegan menu is a must for those chasing an authentic Italian feast. Entrées, pizza, pasta and desserts all done vegan, this menu will leave you spoilt for choice.

Where: 545 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300


Probably Newcastle’s most “Instagramable” restaurant, Susuru’s menu contains three vegan ramen options as well as several sides and sometimes a vegan dessert if you’re lucky! What’s more heart-warming than a bowl of tasty vegan ramen inside of a restaurant with aesthetics that will level up your Instagram game with one photo? I’ll wait…

Where: 140 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300 

Sticky Rice

A quite traditional Thai menu, most of Sticky Rice’s vegetarian options are able to be modified to suit a vegan palate when removing the egg and fish sauce. Staff are always happy to vegan-ise dishes when asked and are very respectful of any allergies. The Chilli Basil Noodle and Satay Noodle done vegan are the kind of dishes you can’t ignore a craving for. Sticky Rice have two locations across Newcastle –The Wickham restaurant more suited to dine-ins and the Newcastle East restaurant being the perfect stop in for a quick take away dinner at the beach.

Where: 116 Hannell St, Wickham NSW 2293 | 19 Scott St, Newcastle East NSW 2300

Dumpling Flavour

The perfect place to go with a group of friends for the ultimate Chinese vegan banquet. Dumpling Flavour has a whole vegan menu, normally displayed on the wall of the restaurant, and other meals –like the fried rice and some noodle dishes –that can easily be made vegan. The vegetable dumplings and the sautéed garlic spinach could quite possibly be Newcastle’s ultimate vegan combo. Once you’ve been, you’ll shortly discover that you can’t think about Dumpling Flavour without going to Dumpling Flavour.

Where: Shop 1/88 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Eight Buns

This could well and truly be home to Newcastle’s best vegan dumplings. Like Dumpling Flavour, the meals are perfect to share with friends and I can almost guarantee you’re going to want to try the whole menu. Eight Buns is the kind of place that makes your eyes bigger than your stomach. Your very satisfied stomach, that is.  

Where: 47 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303 


Newy’s first and only vegetarian fast food outlet has a whole range of vegan options that will undoubtedly satisfy those Saturday arvo burger and chippy cravings. It’s hard not to order everything on the menu –from brekkie burgers to the perfect vegan cheeseburger, there’s something for everyone. The chips are incredible and the extensive range of burgers will make you want to try one of everything. Do it.

Where: 82 Maitland Rd, Islington NSW 2296

Sapphire Indian

With a vegan menu available on request, Sapphire Indian is the perfect choice for the nights both your tummy and soul need warming with a big bowl of rice and curry. As Newcastle’s only fine dining Indian restaurant, Sapphire pride themselves on delivering exceptional service with meals that will exceed every expectation. Plus, their entire vegan menu can be done takeaway. Bonus!

Where: 367 Glebe Rd, Merewether NSW 2291

Bangkok on Darby

Authentic Thai takeaway with a whole dedicated vegan menu? Yes please! You'll find Bangkok on Darby towards the Hunter Street end of town, bursting with colour and flavour. Plenty of gluten free options are also available.

Where: 9 Darby St, Newcastle NSW 2300 

The Bhakti Tree

This humbling dining experience immediately takes you on a sensory visit to India through rich, flavoursome meals, yoga, meditation and cooking classes. The Bhakti Tree serves purely vegetarian meals with many vegan options and take pride in presenting their customers with a lasting, loving experience. As well as their restaurant in Mayfield West, The Bhakti Tree has pop up stalls at Newcastle University’s Callaghan campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays in support of the Veggie Club. Finishing a lecture and heading straight to The Bhakti Tree is like a reward from the vegan Gods for attending class.

Where: 410 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304


In the heart of Newcastle West, you’ll find authentic Mexican street food with almost everything on the menu able to be made vegan. Antojitos bean mix is unlike any other with spicy fried potatoes and sautéed spinach adding extra flavour and texture you never knew you needed.

Gone are the days of a bowl of chips with tomato sauce or a simple salad (hold the cheese!) being the only option for vegans at pubs in Newcastle. A select few pubs now have full vegan menus that make not knowing what to order a good thing for once. 

The Kent Hotel

You won’t believe the extent The Kent has gone to to make sure vegans are fully catered to in the the “pub feed” department. Mac and cheese, burgers, curries, loaded fries, cauliflower wings, nachos –the list goes on. This is definitely a must for vegans in Newcastle.

Where: 59 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303

The Lucky Hotel

Serving a fully vegan Mexican style menu, The Lucky is definitely the place to go for a pub-feed with a twist. The vegan cheese featured in most of the meals is one of the best you’ll try and the open style kitchen puts you right in the chargrilling action. Definitely a memorable pub experience.

Where: 237 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

The Nags Head Hotel 

Joining the vegan pub gang is The Nags Head Hotel in Adamstown. Their vegan menu has an eclectic range of tasty dishes -from Indian cuisine, to Mexican and traditional pub feeds done vegan. This menu is a bit of a hidden gem outside of Newcastle's CBD but definitely worth the extra few minutes drive! The vegan menu is seperate to the main dinner and lunch menu's -so be sure to ask for a vegan menu on arrival!

Where: 272 Brunker Road, Adamstown NSW 2289

The Family Hotel (Pinos Diner)

Being the newest vegan pub menu on the Newcastle scene, the team at Pinos have well and truly changed the pub feed game with their vegan take on an American diner –Pinos Diner at The Family Hotel. It’ll leave you questioning if you really are eating off a vegan menu…you are –Pinos Diner is just that good. They’ve got all the classics –hotdogs, burgers, fries, wings, pluto pups. If you’re not salivating by now, you should be. 

Where: 635 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300


Vegan food is slowly becoming the norm for so many more restaurants in Newy than mentioned here. This is only a small taste of what’s out there for the vegan community. If you’re not sure whether or not your desired dinner destination has vegan options, you may be surprised. Even notoriously carnivorous local restaurant MEET will happily accommodate to a vegan palate!