Eat & Drink

Restrictions have eased on our hospitality industry so it’s important you know what to expect.

As of Monday 1 June, our local hospitality industry has seen the easing of restrictions and many are finally reopening their doors. But what does that actually mean? and what will dining and drinking out in Newcastle now look like? 

No-shows and last minute cancellations

Planning ahead will be the key. Let's be honest, reservation no-shows or the last-minute cancellations are a pretty low act, and now more than ever we need to make the effort to support our local businesses, keep to our bookings, be on time and respect the time restrictions put in place by businesses.

Can we still just walk in?

Spontaneous nights out may be a thing of the past, as many restaurants are booking out quickly with a limited number of seats available to guests. There may be no stumbling into your local bar, or restaurant as many venues are asking for bookings as well as deposits.

Takeaway might hang around a bit longer

Many local businesses have pivoted, some even overnight, to bring us a takeaway version of their menus. For some businesses, these have been a popular addition, not to mention a lot of hardwork to get up and running, which means that they might hanging around for a little longer; or maybe even forever.

The three-hour social catchup might be cut short

That big catchup with all your friends might be cut short for the time being as hospitality venues are required to have time limits for customers. Be sure to check at time of booking just how long you can linger for.

Sanitiser might be your new best friend

One thing that will hopefully be here to stay, is the handy pocket sanitiser we’ve all been carrying around since COVID-19 hit. Sterilise your hands before you enter and again when you leave. 

Your local’s menu may have changed 

With venues having to limit their number of bums on seats, this also means that menus may have a limited offering because fewer customers mean less turnover and a higher chance of food spoilage. Maybe it’s a chance to try that dish you never would have picked before?

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s open, head to our Staying In page and use our filter system to look for dine-in options. Happy dining!