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Duff's Ice Cream

Nostalgic and experimental ice cream arrives in Wickham

A sweet symphony of science and nostalgia has opened in the heart of Wickham – introducing Duff’s Ice Cream.

Brought to you by Central Coast local, Olivia Duff, Duff’s Ice Cream has been serving up her wacky ice cream flavours in Noraville since May 2021 and now it’s officially Newcastle’s turn to enjoy these unique flavour profiles.

duffs ice cream wickham newcastle nsw
Olivia Duff

Located on Union Street in Wickham, just a short stroll from the Newcastle Interchange, Duff’s Ice Cream launched on Saturday June 15 and has already captivated the keen ice cream connoisseurs and local foodies intrigued by people doing something different to the status quo.

I mean, what’s not to love about bonkers flavours that make you feel like a kid in a candy store? That is exactly what owner, inventor, and food scientist Olivia Duff has created.

duffs ice cream wickham newcastle nsw

“We’re about interesting, fun, and engaging flavours, we’re not just an ordinary scoop shop,” Olivia said.

During her time at university studying food science, Olivia took a food study tour to the US and visited labs where Ben & Jerry’s learned their trade. Over her career, Olivia worked in product development for large food producers and for an Australia gelato company all before deciding to draw on all of this knowledge and pursue her own thing.

“I loved ice cream and I just thought to myself, this is my chance to do my own ice cream.”

The name, Duff’s, is a nod to Olivia’s late father who was nicknamed Duff and was the inventor and engineer of the family. His influence is certainly kept alive through Olivia’s Willy Wonka-esque creations.

duffs ice cream wickham newcastle nsw

“My dad always owned his own businesses and I saw him running these as I was growing up. I have a similar personality to him, and I guess the idea of running my own business was always in the back of my mind, but I never really knew what it would be until I was here.”

Originally running Duff’s Ice Cream from a food truck, then a shipping container in Noraville, the operation was eventually shut down by Central Coast Council and Olivia was looking for a new home for the business.

“It was really challenging from there to find a shop that was suitable on the Central Coast. Here in Newcastle, it was much easier to find a great place with good rent and be able to open.”

duffs ice cream wickham newcastle nsw

The blank canvas of this new building in Wickham became the perfect setting for Duff’s Ice Cream, allowing Olivia to craft her dream ice-cream spot from scratch.

Not just another ice cream shop, Olivia’s scientific approach and innovative spirit set Duff’s Ice Cream onto another level.

“I try to do experimental ice cream. I try to really focus on the science of it and give people nostalgic flavours in a way that they might not have had before.”

These unique flavours include a Strawberry Milk made with Nesquik ice cream with a caramelised strawberry swirl and stracciatella white chocolate. Or the Chinese five-spice and lemon curd swirl, inspired by the sweetness of a lemon chicken dish you’d get from a Chinese takeaway spot.

duffs ice cream wickham newcastle nsw

The flavour process is both meticulous and inspired, with Olivia carrying around a little black book of ingredient combos that she takes with her everywhere. This dedication to creativity ensures that the menu remains dynamic and exciting with Olivia updating seasonally.

Duff’s is also home to what Olivia says is their secret flavour – which customers are asked to guess on-site. Currently, the secret flavour is The Beach.

“It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit salty, and a little bit hot. That’s all I can tell you. You can’t try a tester first; you’ve just got to commit.”

The plan for Duff’s doesn’t end here in Wickham, with Olivia aiming to land her product in independent grocers and eventually having a much larger production line in a factory.

“I still have my ultimate goal which is to own a factory but continue making the icecream in a similar away.”

As the doors are officially open to the public, Olivia invites everyone to embark on a journey of taste and nostalgia, promising an ice cream experience that is as delightful as it is unique.

Duff's Ice Cream

9 Union Street, Wickham, NSW, 2293

Today - 1100 – 1800