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Exotic & Botanical… Let us introduce you to their new Gin menu.

Alright Gin lovers you might want to listen in. The Junction Hotel has just announced a dedicated Gin menu with over 20, yes, TWENTY varieties of gin!

Just like the Junction Hotel, Gin is a classic, yet modern drink that you can add your own style too. Gin is increasingly becoming more and more popular not only across Newcastle but across the globe, due to its versatility by adding a variety of botanical infusions.

Gin allows the drinker to be experimental and can take on so many different strengths, tones and flavours. So, what has The Junction Hotel got on this dedicated gin menu? Only the best of course, but here are our favs…

Antipodes Pink Gin
This gin is Australia’s first certified organic pink gin. With flavours of Kakadu plum, olida, blue chamomile flowers and ruby red grapefruit, it is the perfect Summer mix. Native and exotic botanicals sift through this gin and we suggest serving with fresh grapefruit.

Farmers Wife
Farmers Wife gin is created in Allworth, NSW and pays homage to the tradition of gin making and the native flavours of Australia. Made with sugar-bagged honey and perfectly garnished with rosemary, it will be one you’ll be sure to remember.

Le Gen De Christian Drouin Blanc
Guillaume, the creator, had to find seasoning that would best balance, complete and enhance juniper and cider apple. The result is this incredible invigorating gin, we suggest garnishing with a slice of crisp green apple.

With Summer in full swing, it makes it the perfect time to swing by The Junction Hotel to sample their gin range, and maybe you might just find a new favourite!