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Canteen Delphine

Authentic coffee with a Mediterranean influence.

Classic European sandwiches and paninis made as healthy and as local as possible.

From the Greek “Delphi”, considered the centre of the ancient world, this small Mediterranean-inspired café brings a new edge to the streets of Broadmeadow. Canteen Delphine is committed to their ethos of locally sourced produce which is both organic and delicious.

Having only opened in December of 2019, Sophie and her business partner Geoff are steadily growing their business out of what has, for decades, operated as a small barber shop.

Over a period of around six weeks, the space was transformed from barber shop to barista’s haven.

 “We did it all ourselves, Geoff’s son is a builder so he did the build and my mum is an artist, so she helped with the painting.” Sophie tells us.

Wrapped in the style of a Greek fresco, inspired by the palace of Knossos in Greece, the interior is now a welcoming space of raw colour.

“The frescoes show griffins, we got our inspiration from the Palace of Knossos on Crete.”

Serving a range of handmade European sandwiches, panini and cakes, what Canteen Delphine lacks in size it more than makes up for in flavour and quality.

Using predominantly locally sourced produce, the food is prepared out of a kitchen on Union Street, also run by Geoff and Sophie.

“That’s more of a social enterprise, we teach young kids how to cook, pour coffee and work in a hospitality environment.”

Along with their deliciously authentic range of food, this vibrant addition to Broadmeadow has introduced another level of respect to the Newcastle coffee scene. Sourced from Mecca, a brand out of Alexandria, Sophie and the team appreciate that top-drawer coffee is the backbone of their business.

Conveniently situated on Brunker Road, Canteen Delphine is becoming a favourite for pre-work caffeine indulgence. However Sophie is looking to the future and opportunity for growth.

“We’ll get this pumping and … there’s definitely phase two.”

Canteen Delphine

44 Brunker Road, Broadmeadow, NSW, 2292

Today - 0700 - 1400