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Cafe Macquarie

All day breakfast in the heart of Belmont

Jess & Pete are celebrating their one-year anniversary as the new owners of the café

This April marks one year since current owners took over Cafe Macquarie in Belmont, let's just say, it’s had some subtle and positive changes.

Owners Pete and Jess bought the café after quite literally landing in the right moment at the right time. Pete had been working as a chef on Hamilton Island and couldn’t wait to get his hands on his own space to create whatever it be he wanted to create.

“Pete [has] always wanted to own his own place and sort of be able to do what he likes to make…so this came on the market and he just so happened to be looking.”

Subtle changes were what the space needed, as the café has such a strong and consistent customer base. Jess and Pete really wanted to keep the place as close to what it was whilst also bringing in their own personalities.

With Pete having such an extensive career as a Chef, it’s no surprise that the menu is absolutely to die for. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds and there’s an all-day breakfast menu which I’m sure hits the soft spot for all you weekend brunchers.

“We like to keep things simple but do it well. The best quality ingredients and making sure that the vibe here is really good; hence the tagline ‘real food, good vibes'."

As well as bringing consistent food and beverage service to the table, the couple has plans to continue the Block by Block Street Art Event. A community project started to combat the ongoing battle against graffiti and vandalism in the local vicinity. A short stroll around the café and its surrounds and you’ll come across walls and walls of serious artistic talent!

So, start your weekend right with a hearty breakfast, long lunch or even a mid-day caffeine pick me up down near the lake in Belmont at the cosy corner; Café Macquarie.

Cafe Macquarie

26a Macquarie Street, Belmont NSW 2280

Today - 0730 - 1530