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Brew Bike Nitro

Who needs a cocktail bar when you can have your espresso martinis delivered to your door?

We're kidding of course, we can't wait for our fav bars and pubs to open their doors again, but in the meantime what Jesse Schadel has created is well and truly helping to keep our espresso martini cravings at bay.

Growing up in the Central Coast suburb of Terrigal, Jesse and his wife also spent a short amount of time in Sydney before they headed off overseas to travel the world before making the un-regrettable move to Newcastle.

Today, Jesse is the ideas man behind the awesome little biz, Brew Bike Nitro, a home delivery coffee martini business, which up until a few weeks ago supplied home-brewed coffee martinis to events of all varieties. When everything came to a grinding halt a month ago because of COVID-19, Jesse had to alter his path and now what we have is a coffee martini home delivery service, that's making isolation life that little bit more bearable. 

Thanks for your time Jesse, and the coffee martinis, what initially brought you to Newcastle?
My wife got a job at UoN a few years ago so we made the move up. We loved it so much here that we bought a house in Mayfield East within the first few months of living here.

What’s been your background in regards to work?
I’m a muso (keyboard player). I’ve been in that world playing, recording, touring and teaching for the last decade until just recently when everything came to a grinding a halt a month ago because of COVID-19.

Brew Bike Nitro

So where did the idea for Brew Bike come along?
In Mexico when we were on our honeymoon a couple of years ago. We learned that in Mexico City alone, there are more street food vendors than permanent establishments. Food carts are everywhere and I admired their freedom and portability. They would pull up wherever, then after a couple of hours of trade they would just ride off to their next destination.

How long was it from idea to turning it into a reality?
About 6 months because I had no idea what I was actually doing. I casually started looking for 2nd hand cargo bikes and found an old Dutch bike locally that previously delivered bread. It needed a heap of TLC so I stripped it back to the frame, ground out all the rust and started re-building everything from scratch to support what is essentially a giant ‘Esky’ on wheels with a tap sticking out the top.

When did Brew Bike officially kick-off?
Not that long ago. I did a couple of friend's weddings and then in November my sister built a website for me (from Canada) and we started getting a heap of bookings. Nerida Bint, the owner of ‘Lissome' also had me at their gym’s 5th Birthday celebration which was a lot of fun and really helped to get our name out there more.

It's one hell of a cool bike, how/where/why did you create a bike capable of carrying your espresso martini mix.
I’m no tradie, but I'll always try and give something a crack for the learning experience. I think what is so appealing about the bike is that it’s completely mobile. I can literally be riding the bike and pour a cocktail at the same time (one of the first things we tried). So it doesn’t limit your locations for serving. Parks, beaches, rooftops, balconies…if there’s no power - no problem!

Do you actually do all the deliveries on this very cool bike?
Ha! No, I think even Lance Armstrong would struggle with that. I pour the cocktail from the kegs - yes, however, this happens offsite and is then delivered to their door via myself in my car. When I attend events that's when I arrive on my bike and pour straight from the keg.

Talk me through the process of making your espresso martinis… 

We make a cold brew concentrate from beans we get from local heroes ‘Unison Roasters’. We mix it with alcohol and infuse it with Nitrogen for 24hours which sweetens it up and gives it a creamy texture. We then pour it from a specialised stout tap, where it comes out frothy like a delicious coffee thick shake.

Do you just pour to serve?
The best way to enjoy the espresso martinis is to shake over ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass. It's the perfect drink in these unusual times of isolation, when you might crave a little arvo pick-me-up, who doesn't love an espresso martini?

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Like everyone else in the events industry, it put an immediate stop to everything for the next 6 months. So we took a sidestep and started bottling to order and delivering to people's doorsteps. It’s contactless, safe and the payment is taken care of through our website.

Brew Bike Nitro

Talk me through how you’ve adapted to make your espresso martinis available?
Originally we only did events like weddings, hens parties, corporates, birthdays etc. Now you can pull out your phone, put in an order and have a 6pack on your doorstep within hours.

Where can we get our hands on the Brew Bike take-away cocktails?
We've teamed up with Newy renowned locals 'Napoli Centrale' so you can now order your favourite pizzas or pasta along with a cocktail or two. Soon to be in 'The Prince of Merewether bottleshop' or you can order online at

Where do you deliver?
All over Newcastle; you can see our website for details.

When life goes back to normal, what can we expect to see from Brew Bike?
Who bloody knows haha! We have plans for more Bikes…but we’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds. For now, we’re super grateful we can be doing this at all and feel soo overwhelmed with all the love & support we have gotten from the Newcastle community.

Brew Bike Nitro

Anything else you’d like to add?
Nah mate, you’ve heard enough of me. ;)

Except that maybe - this all started with a single ‘what if?’ idea. After the positive response the bike had through the events industry, we did the same ‘what if’ when it came to bottling. Ever since the response has been unbelievable… everyone seems to love coffee martinis!

Thomas Edison said, "The value of an idea lies in the using of it”. That’s all this is and I’m as far from Thomas Edison as could be! So I’m really interested to see the many positive outcomes that will come from this terrible situation the world is currently in.

Brew Bike Nitro

Brew Bike Nitro