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Blue Door Newcastle

Green is the new black at the Blue Door

As a general rule of thumb it's fair to say that when it comes to food and dining out, if it tastes good, it more than likely isn't going to be good for you. Who knows what those chefs get up to out in the kitchen, how much butter they slip in to your sautéed mushrooms or how much sugar is in your caramelised onions. That is until you stop by the Blue Door on Wheeler Place.

PJ is the owner and face of the business, and is himself a perfect example of clean and healthy living. Always looking super fit, PJ's ultra-healthy lifestyle has been the envy of customers for years, and it's this healthy lifestyle that PJ wanted to bring to the table on a daily basis.

Inspired by cuisines from around the globe, the focus that Blue Door wanted to take was merging the freshest of ingredients with the simplest of dishes, resulting in lots of flavour which is actually good for you.

The menu is bursting with energy and colour from the Buckweat Bircher muesli, to the smashed avocado toast w/tomato, feta, sea salt & lemon, Fred's Breakfast of homemade baked beans, potato hash, pork sausage, bacon & soft rolled eggs and the dish with a cult following already, the Blue Door Green Breakfast Bowl that features soft boiled eggs, avocado, haloumi & fresh lemon and features the super foods kale, quinoa.

Not content with serving up a super fresh menu PJ felt that the time was right to revamp the café space into something that reflected the energising flavours. The result being a combination of industrial warehouse with smooth Mediterranean influences that makes for a welcoming vibe.

Blue Door Newcastle

363-365 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 0700 - 1400