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Floozy Coffee Roasters opens up their own cafe

King Street gets a garage styled espresso bar and roasting space.

Cill, Kmac, Hal, and little Indy – the besties from Floozy Coffee Roasters have finally opened up their own espresso bar that includes their very own, in-house coffee roaster.

The ‘mountain stream’ exterior colour will be sure to catch your eye. Even if you’re cruising down King St, something bright out of the corner of your eye will be sure to grab your attention. Step inside to the floor to ceiling painted space. That deliciously bright colour? Springtime peach it’s called, and we are all for it.

There are so many things to look at in this space, but once your eyes have adjusted and you can finally focus on something, take a second to look at the sleek coffee machine sitting pride of place. Designed by Kees van der Westen, the spirit is sure to bring all your espresso needs to life.

If you’re like me and have never actually witnessed the process of bean roasting, then Besties has got a show for you! Ok, I lie, it’s really not that exciting to watch but it’s still cool to see the roaster work its magic right in front of you. Plus, with a gang of coffee experts right at your fingertips, it's the best time to ask questions about the entire process!

Now tea lovers, never fear, you haven’t been forgotten. You can wrap your hands around a nice cup of Whistle Blower tea. Handcrafted teas that are organically and sustainably grown by artisans. I’ll take ten, please.

If you love taste testing new blends, ask the guys who their current guest roast is. Or maybe step outside of your usual coffee order and try something new. Whilst you’re waiting for that cup of caffeine, make sure to check out this rainbow kettle! Have you ever seen something so dang beautiful? 

The food menu is currently quite simple, but the team have plans to bring more in time. For the moment, expect to get your hands on all the go-to favs like avo on toast, bowls of granola, a range of yummy toasties, and naughty treats to grab on the go.

To one side of the space, you can check out Besties retail space. Stocked to the brim with all of your home brewing needs being covered with the best of the best filter equipment, beans, as well as coffee cups from Henry & Tunks.

With a huge outdoor area with plenty of sunlight, all of your furry friends are more than welcome to join in your coffee loving adventures.

The team are always down for a chat and are always welcoming with their smiley faces and coffee expertise. Get yourself a bag of beans and maybe even some brew gear, take a seat at the bar and they’ll give you all the best tips for brewing great coffee at home.

With big plans for the space, with cupping nights and launching a bigger food menu; Besties is somewhere you need to keep a close eye on.


398 King Street, Newcastle West, NSW, 2302

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